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Disclosed is a method of producing an LnCuOX single-crystal thin film (wherein Ln is at least one selected from the group consisting of lanthanide elements and yttrium, and X is at least one selected from the group consisting of S, Se and Te), which comprises the steps of growing a base thin film on ...

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A distance image sensor for removing the background light and improving the charge transfer efficiency in a device for measuring the distance to an object by measuring the time-of-flight of the light. In a distance image sensor for determining the signals of two charge storage nodes which depend on ...

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An ultraviolet laser apparatus having a single-wavelength oscillating laser generating laser light between an infrared band and a visible band, an optical amplifier for amplifying the laser light, and a wavelength converting portion converting the amplified laser light into ultraviolet light using a ...

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In a driver golf head (1) comprising a face (4) having a hitting surface, a sole (3) forming a lower portion, and a crown (5) forming an upper portion, the sole (3) is improved. The sole (3) in the position close to the face (4) was formed into an elastically deformable recess-projection shape, and ...

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A light emitting device, including a light emitting element, and a resin layer that has been screen printed to coat said light emitting element is provided. The resin layer is formed from a curable silicone resin composition, which includes (i) an organopolysiloxane with a polystyrene equivalent wei ...

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A method for creating a pattern on a photomask includes steps of recognizing a space between main patterns by using pattern data which indicate the main patterns to be adjacently transferred onto a wafer, determining a 1st rule about arrangement of an assist pattern on the photomask, the assist patt ...

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A connector for transmitting signals using electrostatic coupling, comprises an inner first conductor portion and an outer first conductor portion respectively connected to two signal lines, an inner electrode portion having a facing area larger than the cross-sectional area of the inner first condu ...

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A polarizing film comprising a polarizer (A) and a protection film (B) prepared on at least one face of the polarizer (A), wherein the protection film (B) is adhered to the polarizer (A) without using adhesives, is induced problems by use of adhesives.

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A polarizing element and an optical element are provided that can form a semitransparent or other type of liquid crystal display which is excellent in contrast in a reflective display mode and also is excellent in luminance in a transmissive display mode utilizing a reflective polarizing plate. A po ...

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A golf club provides carry which does not deteriorate even when a golf ball is struck in a lower position on a face portion. The golf club includes a face portion 4 having a hitting surface, an improved sole portion 3 which forms a lower portion, and a crown portion 5 which forms an upper portion. A ...