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A method for the remediation of the inflammatory response symptoms of asthma is disclosed. The method comprises administering esters of myristic acid or esters of myristoleic acid, or mixtures thereof, to a patient in need of such remediation.

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Electrodes, electrode array apparatus (A), and systems improve the therapeutic effects of $i(in vivo) delivered electrical waveform by utilizing an arrangement wherein the electrode plates satisfy particular ratios of electrode surface areas to separation distances between the electrode plates (X1, ...

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Hydroxycitric acid compositions which comprise approximately 14 to 26 % by weight of calcium, and approximately 24 to 40 % by weight of potassium or approximately 14 to 24 % by weight of sodium, or a mixture thereof, each calculated as a percentage of the total hydroxycitric acid content of the comp ...

Chua Florence, Weng Steve Oh Kah: Cell culture media for enhanced protein production. National University Of Singapore, Chua Florence, Weng Steve Oh Kah, WESEMAN James C, October 15, 1998: WO/1998/045411

A cell culture medium is provided which constrains cell growth and enhances antibody production. The high glucose medium of the invention is preferably saturated at 40 °C with essential amino acids.

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Slides for the immobilization and subsequent analytical processing of biological specimens having at least one reaction zone defined by a hydrophobic barrier circumscribing substantially the entire boundary of said zone.

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Methods and compositions for inducting protective responses to antigenic toxins in subject individuals by delivering to a tissue of the individual a DNA sequence encoding a promoter region and at least one fragment of the antigenic toxin wherein the fragment contains at least one dominant negative m ...