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Methods for improving the efficiency of electroporation protocols as well as methods to enhance the permeabilized state, in order to improve the intracellular delivery of therapeutic substances, involve the use of at least one agent which is capable of prolonging the permeability of the cell membran ...

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Method and apparatus for correlating pupillary response to the cognitive activity of a subject undergoing an evaluation of cognitive activity during a task which involves monitoring and recording the point of gaze und pupillary response of the subject to the task, subjecting the recorded pupillary r ...

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A device and apparatus for producing ultra-thin electrophoresis gels formed between spaced-apart plates is provided, where at least one of the plates has a plurality of grooves (elements 12 and 16), the device comprising a spacer comb (20) having extensions (24) formed thereon which are arranged, si ...

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The invention relates generally to immunocontraceptive vaccine compositions comprising antigenic polypeptides having mammalian sp56 sperm protein antigenic determinants. The antigenic polypeptides can be synthetic polypeptides, fusion proteins and chimeric molecules. The vaccine is preferably admini ...

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A self-erecting tent (10) having three closed loop frame members that criss-cross themselves along their respective left and right mid-points. The first closed loop frame member (12) is threaded through the front floor sleeve (60) and the rear arch sleeve (66) of the tent body (40). The second close ...

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System, method and apparatus for two dimensional gel electrophoresis performed in a unified manner which includes the performance of two fragment separations in a single gel without intermediate physical manipulation.

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A method for detecting a diagnostic marker in a biological sample. In one aspect, the invention comprises providing a biological sample comprising DNA encoding sequences diagnostic for the diagnostic marker, mixing the sample with at least three primers comprising at least two differentially-labeled ...

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Electrodes and electrode array apparatus and systems for $i(in vivo) delivery of electrical waveforms rendering therapeutic benefit to the patient are disclosed.