Mcconnell Bruce, Locher Christopher: A method of treatment for malaria. Mcconnell Bruce, Locher Christopher, WESEMAN James C, February 22, 1996: WO/1996/004898

The invention provides a method of preventing or treating malaria comprising administering a therapeutically effective amount of serotonin receptor ligand to reduce the pathological consequences of malaria infection in a patient, said serotonin receptor ligand characterized by an ability to displace ...

Giberman Eldad, Rogers Steven R: Method and apparatus for assembling printed circuit boards. Return On Investment, Giberman Eldad, Rogers Steven R, WESEMAN James C, November 20, 2003: WO/2003/096158

Improved methods and apparatus for the programming and testing of programmable electronic devices such as integrated circuits, and to the automated assembly, programming, testing and verification of assembled printed circuit boards in a single unified apparatus (1-4).



Cardineau Guy A, Filner Philip: Compositions and methods for analyzing genomic variation. The Lubrizol Corporation, WESEMAN James C, May 14, 1992: WO/1992/007948

Compositions and methods are described for analyzing genomic variation involving single primer amplification and detection of polymorphisms without the need for digesting nucleic acid with restriction enzymes or transferring nucleic acid for hybridization.

Stuart David A, Mccall Carol M, Slade David: Method for improved somatic embryogenesis using synthetic auxin analogs. Plant Genetics, WESEMAN James C, February 8, 1990: WO/1990/001058

A method for improved somatic embryogenesis is disclosed wherein callus tissue from a suitable plant source is induced to form somatic embryos in an induction medium containing selected synthetic auxin analogs.

Mccaman Michael T, King John F: An efficient process for producing active chymosin from a precursor protein synthesized in bacteria. Codon Genetic Engineering Laboratories, WESEMAN James C, December 5, 1985: WO/1985/005377

A process for producing active chymosin from an insoluble chymosin precursor protein. The process comprises solubilizing the precursor protein in a solubilizing reagent capable of solubilizing the protein and removing the reagent whereby the protein assumes a thermodynamically stable and biologicall ...

Jensen Ned L: Synthetic gtf chromium material and process therefor. The William Seroy Group, WESEMAN James C, November 2, 1989: WO/1989/010357

A novel product obtained by reacting an alkalimetal salt of nicotinic acid with a trivalent chromium salt and having glucose tolerance factor activity, a process for its production and a method for its use, are disclosed.

Weilgart Alexander W: Dictionary index. Weilgart Alexander W, WESEMAN James C, September 7, 1990: WO/1990/009895

Chart (9) with one column (15) of #2 letter categories is on the inside back cover (12) of a dictionary (11). As merely one example, across from #2 letter L (43) and within pages 21, 22, 23 of the dictionary for #1 letters C, D, E respectively are designations 44, 45, 46 on page edges locating where ...

Davies Huw Maelor, Alexander Danny C: Use of animal-derived anti-microbial peptides for control of plant pathogens. Calgene, Davies Huw Maelor, Alexander Danny C, WESEMAN James C, October 18, 1990: WO/1990/011770

The present invention is directed to the application of an animal-derived Anti-Microbial Peptide ('AMP') to the control of microbes associated with plant disease. Specifically, it has been found that the cytotoxic effects of AMP's, such as defensins and/or magainins, can be successfully used to limi ...