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An automated specimen processing apparatus (10) for dispensing a reagent onto a mounted specimen comprising a support framework (20), at least one reagent vial holder (120) movable arm (30), multifunction Z head (70). The device also includes a dispensing means that comprises at least one reagent ti ...

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Disclosed is an automated staining apparatus including an arm (30) moveable in three dimensions, and a hollow tip head (70) located on the arm including integral reagent tip head (40), wash tip (41) and blow tip (42) for selectively dispensing gas and liquid onto microscope slides. Also disclosed ar ...

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The present invention provides a reagent vial designed for use with automated processing devices. In one aspect, the present vial comprises a container portion (24) configured to contain a volume of liquid reagent, and having an upper end and a lower end. The upper end of the container portion is co ...

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The present invention provides a building structure comprising a pair of opposed substantially vertical end walls (38), each wall having a substantially straight base side and a substantially continuous arch side extending from one end of the base side to the other end of the base side in each end w ...

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Methods and compositions for synthesizing cDNA are disclosed, wherein a synthetic polynucleotide template primer molecule is utilized.

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A golf club head of the metal wood type has a body formed entirely from one billet of high strength aluminum alloy with a separate sole plate of the same or different material secured in a machined recess on the lower face of the body. The body has an internal, empty cavity machined through a lower ...

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The present invention provides for an apparatus which allows an operator of a mobile communications unit, configured to receive and process signals generated by a Global Positioning System (GPS) and transmit then to a base communications unit, to be in voice communications with an operator of the ba ...

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Compositions and methods are provided for dewaxing wax-embedded biological specimens prior to histochemical analysis. The compositions and methods provided can effectively remove wax or improved wax-based embedding materials, particularly paraffin-based, from specimens during preparation for histoch ...

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An excimer gas laser using a fluorine/krypton/neon gas mixture is provided with separate fluorine/neon (32) and krypton/neon (34) gas sources for use in replenishing the gas mixture. A bleed-down (36) mechanism is also provided for draining a portion of the gas mixture from the excimer laser. A cont ...

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Disulfide resin compositions in which, following disulfide-thiol interchange, each thiol moiety remains attached to the resin, such resins affect the formation of inter or intramolecular peptide or protein disulfide bonds.