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A bone substitute comprised of collagen material in the form of fleece or a spatial meshwork having apatite, the mineral component of bone material, admixed therewith. The structure of the collagen material may be strengthened by carbohydrate or starch or may be applied, in the form of a coating, to ...

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The set of construction units comprises a standard stone, a long stone and a trough stone having a substantially trapezoidal end view, a surrounding groove at the side with the broader base line, on both sides of the surrounding groove a longitudinal slot and at the side with the smaller base line, ...

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Apparatus and method for reducing the cost and complexity of equipment placed on subscribers' premises in a subscription communications system, such as a cable television system, while at the same time providing security against unauthorized system access includes a microprocessor controlled frequen ...

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The paving stone comprises a recess which divides the stone into an upper part having a smaller circumference and a lower part with a greater circumference. The lower part, having also a greater height than the upper part, comprises a ribbing or other vertically oriented interlocking means and the u ...

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The device according to the invention comprises a sensor formed by a plurality of capacitive or resistive electrodes. The user searches the symbol to be selected by displacing his finger on the sensor while looking at a control display unit. Any position of the finger on the sensor causes the displa ...

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A slide prosthesis for the knee joint is provided to be secured free of cement, the tibia members, the femur members and the surface replacement for the knee cap having anchoring pins which are provided with a saw tooth-like or bone screw-shaped profile. The tibia and knee cap members are preferably ...

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The present invention refers to a method for the shaping of polycrystalline, synthetic diamond and, in particular, to the production of profiled parts like tools. The shaping process is performed by spark erosion with electrodes shaped accordingly.

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A two-part package includes a sleeve for receiving a tray. One surface of the sleeve has openings formed therein for receiving dimpled detents formed in the tray. As the tray is fully positioned in the sleeve, the detents engage the openings and retain the tray thereby inhibiting unwanted opening of ...

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A lamp comprising a wick-holder moulded in one piece from poly-4-methylpent-1-ene or like plastics material which is naturally buoyant upon combustible oil and which includes a central wick-retaining recess, a peripheral portion disposed above the recess, and at least one arm linking said recess to ...

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An implant for the jaw includes an implant body, to be fixed without bone cement, a bed made of plastics material and an implant support for receiving the suprastructure. In order to reduce the specific load on the bone the implant body is provided with support ribs, which have the profile of a bone ...