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An apparatus for injecting a substance into a human or animal comprising a body adapted to have the substance to be injected pass therethrough, a needle mounted on the body and a needle guard mounted on the body between an extended position in which the guard obstructs access to the point of the nee ...

Richard K Wampler: High-capacity intravascular blood pump utilizing percutaneous access. Nimbus, Weissenberger and Peterson, December 2, 1986: US04625712 (275 worldwide citation)

Full-flow cardiac assist is provided for cardiogenic shock patients without major surgery by a miniature axial-flow pump which can be inserted into the heart through the femoral artery and driven via a flexible cable from an external power source. The cable is contained within the catheter attached ...

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Accurate in vivo measurement of blood oxygen saturation by fiberoptical means is made possible throughout a wide range of hematocrit or total hemoglobin values by using a single R/IR ratio I and calculating the SO.sub.2 value therefrom through the use of a second-order polynomial of the form

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A simple, versatile switching system for ultrasonic transducer arrays uses in-probe concentration and a crosspoint switching matrix, both under the control of a microprocessor in the control unit. The number of crosspoints is kept to a minimum by connecting transducer elements to the pulse delay or ...

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A mass transfer device of the type used, e.g., for blood dialysis is made by winding on a mandrel a series of fiber strands, each of which consists of a solid fiber and one or more hollow fibers, the solid fiber being at least as large, and preferably substantially larger, in diameter than the hollo ...

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A removable cover for converting a programmable infusion pump into a patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) device. The cover can be placed onto an infusion pump and electrically connected thereto when open. The cover includes an internal switch which allows selection of normal or PCA pump operation. A ...

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A disposable strain gauge pressure sensor providing reliable electrical isolation even at defibrillation voltages in the measurement of biological fluid pressures is produced by floatingly mounting a glass plate on a closed cell, fluid-impervious foam pad within a firm but not totally rigid plastic ...

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A telephone subscriber testing system is disclosed in which all tests may be performed from a central office. A central office test device is connected to the central office by a separate telephone line with a telephone number of its own. Moreover, a dedicated command channel connects the office tes ...

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Previously undesired artifacts in a color signal used in fiberoptic cardiac catheters to measure blood oxygenation levels are used to produce indications of blood flow and true pulse. For this purpose, the color signal is band-pass filtered to derive a DC mean signal level .mu. and an AC signal cont ...

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A wave motion motor is disclosed with an impeller moved by a float. The float is coupled to a swivel arrangement to turn in the direction of wave current and has an inclined underside. Also disclosed are means to adjust to tide level and triangular coupling means between the float and a flywheel.