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An interactive bi-directional telecommunication method using a handheld low power user device to access a host computer server along a telecommunication path, and to command the host computer server to transmit audio and/or visual reports to the user device. A system for host computer ordering of co ...

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A method and system for detecting unauthorized account access. The system may operate in conjunction with known methods of remote access authentication. The system provides a unique account for each authorized person (i.e., each user) and a system sequence number and a user sequence number for each ...

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A handheld low power user device for accessing and controlling interactive bidirectional real time telecommunications with a host server over a telecommunication path, the handheld low power user device having a low power sleep mode and components including a communication transceiver, a microproces ...

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An accurate-automated-multi-axis machine for projecting objects. Multiple axes are employed to impart predetermined velocities and rotational components to the projected object. Projection of the object may be synchronized with a displayed video image to simulate the throwing of an object.

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A unibeam chassis with at least two longitudinal unibeam members and two lateral unibeam members each of which members being joined the one to the other by a single contiguous uniflange, wherein each of the two longitudinal unibeams comprises a longitudinal web, a longitudinal flange, and the unifla ...

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A method and system for computationally analyzing an initial set of patterns in order to identify subsets of patterns, called clusters, that contain common sub-patterns. The patterns of the initial set of patterns are represented as linear sequences of subunits, and the common sub-patterns occur as ...

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Disclosed are topical anti-inflammatory compositions containing 0.1% to 10% by weight of a monogalactosyl dieicosapentaenoyl glycerol having esterified eicosapentaenoic acid residues (MGDG-EPA); anti-inflammatory compositions are formulated using a purified microalgal lipid preparation containing 30 ...

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A projection screen for displaying projected images with a movable shutter that can be positioned and opened at any location within a large rectangular area of the surface of the projection screen. Physical objects and light signals may pass through the open shutter. When the shutter is closed, the ...

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An apparatus for the application of powder-type medication to small animals including cats, small dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. The apparatus consists of at least one piece of material cut into a selected configuration, when constructed will secure the animal with at least the head exte ...