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Qualitative as well as quantitative evaluation of bite characteristics is performed by subjecting to bite forces pieces of material which exhibits photoelastic memory and studying the resulting impression with a polariscope. A permanent record can also be obtained.

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A portable independent electronic object designed for storing and transferring data confidentially intended for being coupled to a data transfer device; the said portable object comprising, at least one store module intended for the storage of data in an easily portable form, containing enabling dat ...

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Equipment for use with hand-held motion picture and video cameras comprises a pair of interconnected spring loaded arms, one end of which is pivotally supported by a carrying brace worn by a cameraman and the other end of which is connected to a handle positioned to mount the camera equipment at app ...

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A loose probe alarm in which a temperature responsive element (14) arranged for attachment to a body is periodically heated (20, 22, 26) and the effects of self-heating of the temperature responsive element are monitored (32, 36, 38) to determine whether the temperature responsive element has been d ...


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A support apparatus for a portable weight such as a camera comprising at least a pair substantially friction-free arms which are rotatably and pivotally interconnected at a hinge bracket. One end of the interconnected pair of arms is rotatably and pivotably connected to a mount which may be worn by ...

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A cervical dilator is formed of a mushroom shaped elastic sack having inelastic members embedded therein configured to maintain the general shape and limit the size of the sack during expansion under internal pressure.

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Different portions of an area are selectively highlighted in response to observer proximity. An adjustable dimmer establishes the non-highlight illumination level for each area. The dimmer is overridden by observer-sensing circuitry to produce the highlight illumination level.

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A system for storing and transferring data in confidential manner, the system comprising: at least one independent electronic portable article, and at least one independent transfer device, the portable article comprising: at least one store for storing data in an easily transportable form containin ...

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A unitary solar collector for transfer of thermal energy which is a synthetic thermoplastic unit. The unit has a solar-energy transmitting region and a solar-energy absorbing region. The unit is useful for heating purposes.