Joseph Grayzel: Stiffened dilation balloon catheter device. Weingram & Zall, January 10, 1989: US04796629 (652 worldwide citation)

The present invention sets forth a balloon catheter device adapted for use with catheters in angioplasty and/or valvuloplasty procedures which is expandable under fluid pressure and incorporates a plurality of stiffening means to resist deformation of isolated portions of the balloon when the balloo ...

Joseph Grayzel: Valvuloplasty device with satellite expansion means. Weingram & Zall, November 7, 1989: US04878495 (481 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a valvuloplasty device having a plurality of expandable chambers for valvuloplasty such that the arrangements and disposition of the expandable chambers conforms to the anatomy of the valve to be treated, thereby increasing the likelihood that inflation of the balloons ...

Jonathan C Mott: Products incorporating piezoelectric material. Weingram & Zall, March 19, 1996: US05500635 (348 worldwide citation)

A product, in particular a shoe, apparel, a ball or a fishing lure, incorporating an impact sensing element made from polymeric piezoelectric material. In response to impact, the piezoelectric material generates an electrical signal to a battery-powered light- or sound-emitting unit or to an informa ...

Joseph Grayzel: Catheter sheath with longitudinal seam. Weingram & Zall, May 1, 1990: US04921479 (336 worldwide citation)

An improved removable expandable sheath for aiding in the introduction of catheters into the body which is fabricated from a semi-stiff plastic with memory formed in a tubular configuration with a longitudinal slit or non-joined seam extending along the entire length of the sheath and where the tubu ...

Joseph Grayzel: Diagonally tapered, bevelled tip introducing catheter and sheath and method for insertion. Weingram & Zall, July 25, 1989: US04850960 (158 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an improved introducing-dilating catheter which may also be applied to facilitate insertion of catheters of all types and functional purposes. The catheter has a tapered portion which is, in turn, connected to a bevelled tip portion to facilitate insertion of the cathe ...

John B Scagnelli, Joseph A Fiscella: Computerized lottery wagering system. Lottotron, Weingram & Zall, May 16, 1995: US05415416 (153 worldwide citation)

A wagering system for accepting wagers over the telephone comprising: (a) automatic call director means (ACD) for receiving incoming calls from subscribers who wish to wager on the system; b) voice responsive means (wagering VRU) connected thereto for receiving the incoming calls routed from the ACD ...

Joseph Grayzel: Catheter with magnetic fixation. Weingram & Zall, March 7, 1989: US04809713 (151 worldwide citation)

The present invention involves catheters used for electrical pacing or excitation of the heart where critical placement and firm contact within the inner wall of the heart is required. The invention meets the requirement in the case of pacing catheters in the electrode at the catheter tip which main ...

Bruce Taylor: Filter assembly featuring displaceable filter head plunger for locking into filter cartridge detent. Cuno Incorporated, Weingram & Zall, April 10, 1990: US04915831 (133 worldwide citation)

According to the present invention, a locking means is provided for a filter cartridge and head unit. This locking means comprises a spring driven plunger, which preferably is supported by the head and comprises at least one detent, which preferably is disposed in the cartridge in the top wall upper ...

Chris Meredith: Fishing rod and reel electronic game controller. Weingram & Zall, August 6, 1996: US05542672 (130 worldwide citation)

An electronic controller is provided for controlling fishing simulation computer games. The controller includes a rod handle, a reel housing attached to the rod handle, and a rod shaft pivotally mounted within the reel housing and extending therefrom. The reel housing contains a motor to operate a g ...

Stanley R Brody: Paraspinal electromyography scanning. Weingram & Zall, October 22, 1991: US05058602 (128 worldwide citation)

A method of electromyographic scanning paravertebral muscles comprising measuring electrical potential across a persons's spinous process bilaterally across segments of the spinous process.