Levit Mikhail R, Amma Achim: Para-aramid pulp including meta-aramid fibrids and processes of making same. Du Pont, wei xinhua lin sen, January 7, 2009: CN200680048231

The present invention relates to para-aramid pulp including meta-aramid fibrids for use as reinforcement material in products including for example friction materials, fluid sealing materials, and papers. The invention further relates to processes for making such pulp.

Beck Karsten, Seyeda Hady, Lerch Klaus, Balan Bianca Agnes: Valve metal-oxide powder and method for producing said powder. Starck H C, wei xinhua lin sen, October 18, 2006: CN200480026351

The invention relates to a method for producing a valve metal-oxide powder, in particular a Nb2O5 or Ta2O5 powder, by the continuous reaction of a valve-metal compound containing fluoride with a base in the presence of water and by the subsequent calcination of the resultant product, said reaction t ...

Pai Paranjape Vandita, Schottland Philippe, Thomas Verghese: Method for making highly colored dvds. Gen Electric, wei xinhua lin sen, November 29, 2006: CN200480031473

Embodiments of highly colored optical discs and methods for making the same are disclosed. For examples, specification discloses a DVD composition that comprises a bonding layer and a data layer disposed there between, wherein at least one of the substrates is a read side substrate comprising a high ...

Muenzmay Thomas Dr, Melchiors Martin Dr, Hackbarth Sandra, Gewis Heinz Dietmar: Aqueous polymer secondary dispersions for manufacturing coatings. Bayer Materialscience, wei xinhua lin sen, January 28, 2009: CN200810133488

The invention relates to a secondary polymer water diffuser for preparing dope, namely, secondary polymer water diffuser based on special acrylic ester structure unit, preparation method thereof and function as bond in producing non-frothing dope.

Maessen Peter, Mertens Patrick Albert: A method for treating a lithographic printing plate. Agfa Graphics, wei xinhua lin sen, November 3, 2010: CN200880118324

Method for cleaning a lithographic printing plate comprising the step of applying a liquid to the plate including an aqueous phase, a solvent phase and at least one alkyl (poly) glucoside, said solvent phase including a mixture comprising aliphatic and/or aromatic hydrocarbons, characterized in that ...

Sheppard Ronald Buford, Tennant Brent Alan: Simplified isophthalic acid process for modifying PET. Eastman Chem Co, wei xinhua lin sen, October 13, 2010: CN200880116228

Disclosed are modified PET polymer compositions and process for making modified PET polymer compositions by reacting purified terephthalic acid and non-hydrogenated isophthalic acid with ethylene glycol. Compositions with acceptable visual appearance, such as clarity and color, can be made at typica ...

Aliprandini Giuseppe, Caillaud Michel: Method of obtaining a yellow gold alloy coating by electroplating without the use of toxic metals or metalloids. Aliprandini G, Swatch Group Res &amp, Dev, wei xinhua lin sen, August 25, 2010: CN200880107881

The invention relates to an electroplated coating in the form of a gold alloy, which has a thickness of between 1 and 800 microns and contains copper. According to the invention, the coating includes indium as third main component. The invention relates to the field of electroplating processes.

Sandstrom Paul Harry: Rubber composition with moisture exposed surface containing combination and tire with component thereof. Goodyear Tire &amp, Rubber, wei xinhua lin sen, December 22, 2010: CN201010202665

The invention relates to a rubber composition with moisture exposed surface containing combination and a tire with component thereof. An uncured silica-containing rubber composition having a moisture exposed surface wherein the rubber surface contains a combination of silica and a specialized tackif ...

Henkensmeier Dirk: Method for producing a radiation grafted polymer. Belenos Clean Power Holding, wei xinhua lin sen, October 12, 2011: CN200980145343

A method for producing a graft polymer comprises the steps of: a) irradiating a base polymer with an electron beam or a source of Gamma- radiation, b) contacting a grafting solution with the base polymer, wherein the grafting solution contains at least one oxygen scavenger and at least one graft mon ...

Hamamoto Yoshihira, Kashiwagi Tsutomu: Resin composition for encapsulating optical semiconductor element. Shinetsu Chemical Co, wei xinhua lin sen, November 10, 2010: CN201010173415

The present invention provides a resin composition for encapsulating an optical semiconductor element. The resin composition includes (A) a first organosilicon resin, having an unit containing a non-aromatic group which contains an epoxy group and an unit composed by a linear di-organopolysiloxane c ...