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A bandage is disclosed comprising a lower portion and a matrix. The lower portion has an upper surface, a base plate on the upper surface, and a post extending from the surface of the base plate. The matrix is attached to the lower portion by means of a hole extending through the matrix which fits a ...

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The chemically modified protein of the present invention has a strong islet-activating activity and is lower in various side effects than non-modified IAP, so that it may be employed as a prevention and therapeutic drug for diabetes.

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An enzyme electrode comprising: an insulative base plate; two or more electrodes formed on the surface of the insulative base plate and each having an exposed portion; an insulative protection film to insulate and protect the electrodes excluding at least those exposed portions; and an immobilized e ...

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A microcapsule produced by preparing a water-in-oil emulsion comprising an inner aqueous layer containing said water-soluble drug and a drug retaining substance therefor and an oil layer containing a polymer substance, then thickening or solidifying said inner aqueous layer to a viscosity of not low ...

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In order to measure the oxygen saturation in venous blood, a venous blood stream is made time-variant by applying pressure with a peak value of the minimum blood pressure to a proximal portion from a measuring part. Light beams with different wavelengths are transmitted from the measuring part and d ...

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A method and an apparatus for administering a drug through a breathing passage for absorption on the mucous tissue of a patient includes introducing an aerosol of the drug into an expanded bag and bidirectional channel for communicating the drug with the breathing passage of the patient and otherwis ...

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Novel antibiotic C-15003 PHM, which is produced by cultivating a microorganism belonging to the genus Nocardia and being capable of producing antibiotic C-15003 PHM, and novel C-15003 PHM acylate, which is produced by subjecting C-15003 PHM thus obtained to acylation reaction with an acylating agent ...

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A soft buccal containing (1) a medicament to be absorbed through the oral mucosa, (2) a water-soluble protein, (3) a polyhydric alcohol, and (4) a fatty acid ester or/and a carboxyvinyl polymer, has various advantages such as good feeling in use, good retainability within the mouth, slow release, im ...

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Novel dechloromaytansinoids of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R is H or acyl having 1 to 20 carbon atoms, have antimitotic, antitumor and antimicrobial activities.

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Novel Antibiotic C-15003PND, which has the formula: ##STR1## wherein R represents hydrogen, --CO--CH.sub.3, --CO--CH.sub.2 --CH.sub.3, ##STR2## is produced by cultivating a microorganism of the genus Nocardia. The Antibiotic C-15003PND wherein R is acetyl, propionyl, isobutyryl or isovaleryl is usef ...