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The methods of manufacturing molds from shape memory materials and molds made thereby, in accordance with the present invention, provide numerous advantages for molding castable composite parts. The initial mold cost is low enough to accommodate economical production of as few as a single part incor ...

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The invention pertains to equipment and methods in which the rotatable drive member of a variable speed motor, such as a switched reluctance motor, carries a rotatable pulp processing element (

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A low temperature target and backing plate bonding process and assemblies made thereby. A plurality of projections are formed in the harder member of the assembly. The assembly is bonded by conventional techniques around the peripheral assembly boundaries. The assembly is then pressure consolidated ...

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A ready to use patch repair product is disclosed that includes a color change indicator therein. After the product has dried the color changes to signal that, if desired, the worker can perform other operations such as painting, sanding, etc on the surface. In one aspect of the invention, a substant ...

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Method of preparing an adsorbent containing package and package made thereby. The method comprises providing a mounting surface of the package and heat fusing the mounting surface via ultrasonic welding to provide a multiplicity of depressed hard seal portions and relief surfaces on the mounting sur ...

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A sputtering target and a backing plate are diffusion-bonded with or without an insert or inserts interposed there-between so as to have a solid phase diffusion-bonded interface. The sputtering target substantially maintains its metallurgical characteristic and properties even though it has been dif ...

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A sputter target assembly including a high purity copper sputter target diffusion bonded to a backing plate, preferably composed of either aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum matrix composite materials, copper, or copper alloy, and a Ni-alloy interlayer, preferably composed of Ni—V, Ni—Ti, Ni—Cr, or ...

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Merchandising support system of the type having a holding member adapted for engagement of a cantilevered accessory arm thereto. The holder is adapted for mounting on a surface of a display panel or the like and comprises a mounting platform with a throat extending therethrough. The accessory arm is ...

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A hybrid electric lawnmower is described which includes a first and a second electric motor operating blades and the ability to drive the motors from either 120 VAC line voltage or from a battery pack. There is a user selectable power selection switch for switching between DC or AC power and also a ...

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A modular wall system (10) includes a number of decorative panels that are received in an extruded panel frame (22). The panel frames (22) are positioned by connecting them to a wall rail (16) that is attached to the building. The wall rail (16) and the panel frame (22) each have a groove (52, 62) t ...