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A disposable bandage, and a process for manufacturing it, which is prepared from a single sheet or strip of liquid permeable, flexible thermoplastic hydrophilic foam. The process includes coating the entire surface of one side of a foam sheet or strip with a layer of porous pressure sensitive adhesi ...

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For the provision of an apparatus to lessen or remove points of constriction in vessels of all types whereby ruptures and tears are to be avoided in the vessel walls and, during the treatment of stenosis in blood vessels, the danger of infarction is to be avoided, through use of a treatment catheter ...

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A flexible continuous film is comprised of a physical admixture of a polypeptide, a plasticizer and a film-forming flexible polymer. When the film is moistened, the polypeptides exude therefrom.

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A process for preparing a coherent porous collagen sheet material is comprised of forming natural insoluble particulate collagen in substantially pure form and suspending the particulate collagen in a weak aqueous organic acid solution while maintaining the collagen in particulate form. The suspensi ...

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A method of forming a collagen-thrombin hemostatic composition is comprised of forming a homogeneous aqueous admixture of collagen and thrombin at a basic pH and lyophilizing the collagen-thrombin admixture to form a stable collagen sponge having thrombin therein. The collagen utilized in the proces ...

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A process and mold for applying a porous metal coating to a metal substrate or a portion thereof, especially for forming a medical prosthesis. The substrate to be coated is cleaned, then positioned in a rigid mold of ceramic or metal material having a defined mold cavity. The space between the mold ...

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A simulated leather sheet material is comprised of a polymer impregnated fibrous mass with a grain layer forming one surface and a split layer forming the opposing surface. The grain layer has an actual density equal to its bulk density and the split layer has a bulk density less than its actual den ...

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A method for cooling the extracranial area including the face and, optionally, also including the mandible, during emergency care of cardiac arrest or severe shock; the method is preferably implemented by means of a hood- or cap-like topical cold pack which requires no refrigeration. Extracranial co ...

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Apparatus for producing sample ions comprising means of producing metastable species by corona discharges in the carrier gas, a needle-shaped emitter whose pointed end is inserted into the stream of carrier gas which transports said metastable species, means for applying a high potential to said nee ...

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Weight training apparatus which includes an elongated handle and a plurality of separate weights mounted to each other and mounted to the handle is disclosed. The handle has a cylindrical male connector on each end and the weights each have a body portion with a cylindrical male and female connector ...