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A capsule containing a substance for making up a drink using an apparatus, said capsule being composed essentially of a sealed body having the general shape of an acute truncated cone with a rim at its base and of a membrane closing the base, said membrane being provided with a line of weakness deli ...

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Sensor-emitter labels or tags containing a two-terminal nonlinear capacitor, e.g., a semiconductor diode, directly connected to antenna means are applied to articles for purpose of surveillance. A transmitter coupled to an antenna establishes an electromagnetic wave field above about 100 MHZ, and pr ...

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Thermal control and fuel processing in fuel cell operation is effected through sensible heat of process gas and hydrocarbon reforming by supplying process gas in common to a flow passage in communication with the cell electrolyte and an additional gas flow passage which is isolated from the cell ele ...

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An improved form of liquid absorbent product as, for example, a diaper is sclosed. There also is disclosed an improved liquid absorbent material composition.

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A fluid dispensing unit having a housing in which is carried a fluid-containing ampoule and a porous pad secured to the underside of the housing has its structural integrity enhanced by a central planar depression formation in the housing top wall to thereby facilitate rupturing the ampoule without ...

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A pressure relief valve for packages in which the valve element comprises a liquid impregnated porous element covering outlet openings in the package, with the liquid layer in the porous element being torn open by package contents pressures in excess of a predetermined value to permit gas outflow fr ...

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An improved smoking material affording reduced particulate matter and puff count yet having the flavor and aromatic qualities of natural tobacco, which comprises cellulosic material having incorporated therein a metal salt from the group consisting of calcium salts, magnesium salts, iron salts, and ...

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A food product for babies of low birth weight, particularly for premature babies and a process for its manufacture are disclosed. The product is characterized in that it contains the following substances per 100 parts by weight of dry material:

Yehuda Tamari: Blood pulsating and/or pumping device. Watson Leavenworth Kelton & Taggart, February 17, 1981: US04250872 (61 worldwide citation)

A continuous length of flexible polymeric tubing having a smooth fissureless inner surface throughout is provided with a region intermediate its ends which region has an inside diameter greater than the inside diameter of the remainder of said tubing and a thinner wall than that of the remainder of ...

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An automobile air conditioning system is disclosed in which the engine exhaust provides a heat source for operating a Seebeck generator used for supplying electrical current to a Peltier unit located in the passenger space for removing heat from the latter.