Ron Fridman: Battery monitoring system. Warren F B Lindsley, April 11, 1989: US04820966 (179 worldwide citation)

A diagnostic device for monitoring charging and discharging currents of a storage battery employing a current sensing resistor (shunt) adapted to be connected in series with a battery, the voltage and its polarity across the resistor being proportional to charging and discharging current through the ...

Stephen D Neale: Sun-tracking control system for solar collector. Sunpower Systems Corporation, Warren F B Lindsley, March 27, 1979: US04146785 (136 worldwide citation)

A solid-state control system for the control of a collector array, the system incorporating a sun-tracking mode, de-focusing at excessive temperatures, returning to a stand-by position after sunset, and prepositioning at sunrise.

Robert J Fisher: Inflatable luggage. Warren F B Lindsley, August 30, 1977: US04044867 (129 worldwide citation)

Inflatable luggage that may be designed, fabricated and produced in any geometric shape or form utilizing heat sealable flexible material having side, top, bottom and end walls at least some of which have communicating air chambers and passages for providing an inflatable semi-rigid enclosure. When ...

Alexander T Borgeas: Heel shock absorber for footwear. Warren F B Lindsley, September 23, 1980: US04223457 (128 worldwide citation)

Heel supporting and cushioning member for footwear controlling the movement of foot/leg muscles in the form of removable, preferably disposable heel and foot shock absorber comprising a pliable coil filled with an elastomeric material resiliently flexing with the movement of the heel.

Sidney D Moore: Microcomputer-controlled optical apparatus for surveying, rangefinding and trajectory-compensating functions. Warren F B Lindsley, July 23, 1985: US04531052 (120 worldwide citation)

A microcomputer controlled optical device for determining the distance to objects of known or estimable size which is programmed to control a plurality of associated electronic indicator elements the images of which are optically superimposed upon the image of an object the distance to which is to b ...

John N Smith: Self-storing cord and hose reel assemblies. Warren F B Lindsley, Warren F B Lindsley, May 24, 1983: US04384688 (113 worldwide citation)

A reel for storing an extendable, retractable electrical power cord, signal cable or fluid conducting hose wherein electrical or fluid continuity is maintained throughout the process of storage and extension of the device without resort to the use of brushes, slip rings or relatively movable couplin ...

Bradford O Van Ness: Automatic fuel dispensing control system. Warren F B Lindsley, April 28, 1981: US04263945 (97 worldwide citation)

A new and improved automatic fuel dispensing control system intended for use in serving a fleet of vehicles or equipment and requiring no operator action. A fueling receiver mounted in the fuel dispenser, a fueling transmitter mounted in each authorized vehicle, and a transmitter programmer comprise ...

Ralph H Marx: Finger support. Warren F B Lindsley, February 2, 1993: US05183458 (94 worldwide citation)

A support and straightener for finger joint contractures comprising a thin narrow rectangular pliable sheet metal base angularly displaced at one end and having a rigid support aligned with and secured to its bottom surface. The rigid support is angularly displaced from the one end of the base with ...

Robert A Pawlos: Portable oxygen concentrator. Warren F B Lindsley, November 20, 1990: US04971609 (78 worldwide citation)

An improved portable oxygen concentrator employing one or more molecular sieve beds for selectively adsorbing nitrogen from atmospheric air for increasing the oxygen concentration of a product gas furnished to a user through a venturi tube which maintains a low pressure high flowrate of an exact con ...

Ally O Hing: String and ribbon floss holder for brushes. Marilyn O Hing, Warren F B Lindsley, October 5, 1993: US05249327 (76 worldwide citation)

A brush having a plurality of tufts extending outwardly thereof in a common direction and having a floss holder in one or more of the tufts through which extends a string or web of a floss material and outwardly of the bristles for hand or machine held cleaning and enhancing purposes.