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A method and apparatus is provided for controlling a mobile phone when it has been lost or stolen in order to prevent its use except to help the owner find it. Controlling the phone remotely may be implemented via a known Short Messaging System, for example. The security features provided are as fol ...

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A video on demand network (VODN), transmits video signals (VS) to user stations (US11, . . . , US2N) pursuant to the receipt of control signals (CS) issued by these user stations. In order to optimize the retrieval costs, this video on demand network maintains a large video library in a central vide ...

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A warning device for mounting onto a vehicle, in order to attract the attention of the driver when another vehicle (

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A long life, low maintenance and low energy consumption-lighting device (15) for connection with an electrical socket within a housing of an exit sign comprises a string (35, 35, 60) of series connected light emitting diodes (38) connected in a circuit comprising a capacitor (55) for limiting the cu ...

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An apparatus for holding and driving a rotary cutting surgical instrument with a needle guiding stage of a stereotactic mammography biopsy system is disclosed. The system includes a rotary cutting surgical instrument having a housing with a mechanism for securing the housing to a needle guiding stag ...


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A video receiver is provided having a screen forecast journal with teletext data, collected from different broadcast stations and continuously updated with text pages at preset time intervals. The data is arranged in tables by programme identification and page identification and stored in memory dev ...

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A broadband service communication system using an MV cable for conveying RF signals in a network segment, which includes a distribution center (PLT controller) and a plurality of power line telecommunication (PLT) stations. The PLT controller has a distribution modem for conveying downstream and ups ...

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A method for charging a consumer for access, over a network, to a vendor's information; in particular, a method for this pay-per-access over the Internet. The method uses a third-party, called a banker, to mint tokens identified with particular information a consumer might want to purchase. The toke ...

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A mobile-radio network (MRS) includes a mobile switching center (MSC) for receiving incoming calls from mobile-radio subscribers (A). In response to the incoming calls, certain ones of the incoming calls are selected if the respective mobile-radio subscriber (A) has a debit account assigned to it an ...