Shi Jingwei, Chen Ping, Liu Qiang: Method for auto-switching play channel based on time table. Lenovo, wang qi, January 28, 2004: CN02125339 (27 worldwide citation)

The method is applicable to equipment including device for receiving information, CPU, memory, timing device and man-machine interface. The method obtains the reminding time and wave band through the man-machine interface. Then, the reminding time and wave band are stored into data list in memory. W ...

Feng Xuezan, An Zhongmin, Wang Jing: Culture medium for tissue culture of devirused potato and its prepn. Shijiazhuang Inst Of Agricultural Modernization, Chinese Academy of Sciences, wang qi, May 15, 2002: CN01140272 (12 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a virus-removed culture medium for group culture of potato and its composition includes (g/l): macro-elements: one or several of NH4NO3 1650 mg/l, KNO3 1900 mg/l, CaCl2.4H2O 440 mg/l, MgSO4.7H2O 370 mg/l and KH2PO4 170 mg/l; micro-elements: one on several of KI 0.38 mg/l, H2B ...

Liu Wentai, Li Lihua: Prepn and application of individual antitumor specific antibody. Liu Wentai, wang qi, April 17, 2002: CN01142037 (11 worldwide citation)

The present invention proposes the preparation of one kind of individual antitumor specific antibodys and its application in medicine preparation for tumor guide treatment and positioning diagnosis. The antibody preparing process includes three steps of inducing animal's immune tolerance, immunizing ...

Ahn Byung Koo, Oh, Jae Duk: On-line music data providing system via bluetooth headset. Krfreetel, wang qi song zhiqiang, June 23, 2004: CN01823278 (4 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an online music-data-providing system via a Bluetooth headset which comprises: a music-data-providing server for providing music data through a network; a mobile communication system connected to the network; a mobile station for wirelessly accessing the mobile communication system and ...


Gao Quanzhong: Method for treatment of users interface while optimizing soft switch-over. Huawei Technology, wang qi, March 26, 2003: CN01141738 (3 worldwide citation)

With the switching decision being carried out for received the tested message reported from UE, the SRNC decides to execute the soft switching so that the new wireless link needs to be added. Thus, the signaling connection is built between the DRNC and the Node B. Then, the direct data carrier is bu ...



Yoo Myoung hwan, Oh Choon yul, Kwon Oh kyong: Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof. Samsung Mobile Display, luo zhengyun wang qi, August 24, 2011: CN201010530854 (2 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an organic light emitting display and driving method thereof. The organic light emitting diode (OLED) display comprises: an OLED; a driving transistor for supplying driving current to the OLED; a data line for transmitting a corresponding data signal to the driving transisto ...

Andrew Arthur Gooley, Robert Ramsden, Kurt Weber: Liquid handling means for excision apparatus. Proteome Systems Intellectual Property, wang qi song zhiqiang, October 6, 2004: CN02810594 (2 worldwide citation)

A device (32) for dispensing liquids includes one or more liquid outlet means (34, 36) carried on a movable head (28). The device forms part of an automated excision apparatus (29) for cutting biomolecule spots from an array of such spots carried in a gel. The head is mounted on an automated motion ...

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