Liu Chenggang: High-strength non-cracking antiwear precise hollow axle and its making technology. Liu Chenggang, wang minfeng, August 14, 2002: CN01133642 (9 worldwide citation)

A high-strength antiwear precise hollow shaft without breaking is made up of low-alloy cast steel containing C, Si, Mn, Cr, Ni, Mo, V and Fe through smelting, casting, annealing, coarse turning, modifying, fine turning, grinding, drilling and reaming. Its advantages include high strength, toughness ...

Meng Xiaolin, Xu Jinping, Wang Jian: Expression of human interleukin-12 in craze noctuid and its purifying process. Wuhan Univ, wang minfeng, May 14, 2003: CN01133658 (5 worldwide citation)

The present invention features that recombinant baculovirus AcNPV-hIL12 is hemocele injected to infect craze noctuid larva and after 96 hr the craze noctuid larva is sterilized with 75% concentration alcohol and its haemolymph is collected via pricking its head with sterilized needle and stored in s ...

Hong Sihua, Wen Zhenxi: Outdoor large cold light picture advertisement. Wuhan Printed Circuit, wang minfeng, April 30, 2003: CN01133578 (5 worldwide citation)

The invention of outdoor large cold-light picture advertisement includes advertising area in 20-200 square meter using the cold light source, bracing frame, inverter and electrical power. The advertising area is flickered in each region accordong to the time sequence preset by the program, providing ...

Wang Hanzhong, Chen Xinwen, Hu Zhihong: Cotton bollworm single particle embedded nuclear polyhedrosis virus shuttle expression carrier and preparation method. Wuhan Virus Inst, Chinese Academy of Sciences, wang minfeng, July 16, 2003: CN01138377 (3 worldwide citation)

A single embedded polyhedronvirus shuttle expression carrier of bollworm is configured through inserting the low-copy bacterium F replicon, kanamycine resistant gene and beta galactosidase gene to the polyhedrom gene site of the virus genom. The doner plasmid is used to transfer the exogenous gene t ...

Meng Xiaolin, Xu Jinping, Yu Zailin: Human interleukin-12 recombinant insect virus strain and its prepn. Wuhan Univ, wang minfeng, July 10, 2002: CN01133631 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses a human interleukin-12 recombinant insect virus strain, the recombinant Autographa california multiple nuclear polyhedrosis virus AcNPV-hIL12 virus strain, CCTCC No.2 V200108 and its preparation. The recombinant virus strain is inserted into human interleukin-12 expre ...

Bai Yanchuan, Liu Huifen, Zhao Hui: Method of storaging and treating fresh silkworm cocoon. Chengdu Tianyou Biological Science And Technology, wang minfeng, September 17, 2003: CN02115573 (1 worldwide citation)

The method for storing-treatment of the fresh silkworm cocoons incldues such steps as loading fresh silkworm cocoons in baskets, antistaling transporting in air-permeable coach without sunshining, stacking the baskets on the pallet far from ground, and storing in cold storage at -4-10 deg.C. Before ...


Zhang Xianen, Zhou Yafeng, Li Hong: Method for catalyzing sequential enzyme reaction by using fusion protein. Wuhan Inst Of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, wang minfeng, March 27, 2002: CN01128320 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses a method for catalyzing sequential enzyme reaction (coupling reaction) by using fusion protein. Its steps are: utilizing external gene to splice, constitute and express "enzyme-connecting peptide-enzyme" double catalytic activity fusion protein to obtain pure fusion p ...

Zhang Zhonghua: Mossback cracker for providing vital energy and resisting hunger. Zhang Zhonghua, wang minfeng, January 15, 2003: CN01114266 (1 worldwide citation)

A mossback cracker for providing vital energy and resisting hunger is prepared from mossback and its Basicladia, sugar and 13 Chinese-medicinal materials including schisandra fruit, cistanche, epimedium, etc through concentrating, proportioning and roasting.

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