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A method for processing a silver halide photographic material comprises the steps of loading the material into a chamber adapted to hold the material therein, introducing a metered amount of a first processing solution into the chamber, processing the photographic material with the first processing ...

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The invention relates to substituted aminofuran-2-yl-acetic acid derivatives and substituted aminothien-2-yl-acetic acid derivatives of general formulae (I-A) and (I-B). The invention also relates to a method for the production thereof, medicaments containing the same, the use of said compounds for ...

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Biomaterial comprising derivatized porous silicon is described. Derivatization of the porous silicon has been found to increase its stability. The porous silicon is preferably derivatized by a technique that does not involve oxidation of the silicon, e.g. by hydrosilylation. The derivatized porous s ...

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A process for the preparation of compounds of formula (1), wherein R1 is C1-C6alkyl and X is hydrogen, a hydrocarbon radical or a cation, wherein a compound of formula (2), wherein R1 is as defined above and R2 is hydrogen or a hydrocarbon radical, is reduced, the resulting compound of formula (3) i ...

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In a method of producing a low dielectric constant polymer, a thermosetting monomer is provided, wherein the thermosetting monomer has a cage compound or aryl core structure, and a plurality of arms that are covalently bound to the cage compound or core structure. In a subsequent step, the thermoset ...

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The invention is directed to food products that include a liquid fat and a high melting point emulsifier. The liquid fat and a high melting point emulsifier can replace solid fat in the food product. The high melting point emulsifier may also be added to chocolate to provide a chocolate composition ...

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Pulping liquors used in the bleaching of pulps by hydrogen peroxide, and containing catalase-producing bacteria and/or catalase enzyme are treated with tris (hydroxymethyl) phosphine or a tetrakis (hydroxymethyl) * salt to kill the bacteria and destroy the enzyme.

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A skin care product comprising from about 0.001 % to about 10 % of a retinoid, in combination with 0.0001 % to about 50 % of a combination of retinoid boosters.

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The invention refers to a lipid carrier composition for controlled release of a bioactive substance, which comprises at least one triglyceride oil, and at least one polar lipid selected from the group consisting of phosphatidylethanolamine and monohexosylceramide, and ethanol, which is charactrised ...

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The invention concerns a process and an apparatus for reducing the content of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gases of diesel engines or turbines for stationary or mobile applications/vehicles in an SCR system by providing a stored source of liquid reducing agent and feeding the stored reducing ...