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A device, comprising a switchable optical panel and means for switching the panel between a reflecting state and a transmitting state. The switchable optical panel includes a transparent optically active layer having a first and a second major surface, a first reflective polarizer disposed on the fi ...

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A metal-coated multilayer mirror having high reflectivity and high specularity. The mirror comprises a multilayered polymer film and a reflective metal layer. The multilayered polymer film preferably comprises layers of a crystalline, semi-crystalline, or liquid crystalline material, such as a napht ...

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A Z-axis adhesive is produced by dispersing electrically-conductive particles in an organic binder and then imagewise exposing the material to electromagnetic radiation, preferably from a laser or a flash lamp, under conditions sufficient to transfer the particles from the binder to a receptor in a ...

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A method is provided for making microwave-sintered, free flowing alpha alumina-based ceramic abrasive grain, under conditions effective to couple microwaves with calcined alpha alumina-based abrasive gain precursor and sinter it at a temperature of at least about 1150.degree. C.

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Filter material comprising fabric of ceramic oxide fibers and vermiculite particulate is disclosed. The presence of the vermiculite provides an improvement in the flexural endurance of the fabric.

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A method and apparatus for producing a background image from a plurality of images of a scene and for subtracting a background image from an input image are described. A background image is produced by dividing an image into subimages, acquiring reference subimages for each subimage location and com ...

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For use with a tissue stimulator device, e.g., a cardiac pacer, a connector element for operatively connecting the generator of the tissue stimulus and the lead which carries the tissue stimulus to the tissue, the connector element having an electrically insulating barrier which results in an open c ...

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Abrasive grain including manganese oxide therein are provided. The inclusion of manganese oxide can be utilized to reduce the transition temperature of transitional alumina(s) to alpha alumina(s), during the formation of the abrasive grain. Further, manganese oxide presence can be utilized to genera ...

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