John Woods, John M Rooney, Bernard J Bolger: Conformal coating systems. Loctite, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, May 26, 1987: US04668713 (7 worldwide citation)

Compositions useful as UV curable conformal coatings are mixtures, substantially free of isocyanate condensation catalyst, of the following constituents:

Anthony F Jacobine, David M Glaser: Chlorosulfonyl isocyanate derivatives as anaerobic accelerators. Loctite Corporation, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, November 11, 1986: US04622348 (5 worldwide citation)

Products formed from chlorosulfonyl isocyanate either by sequentially reaction of a hydroxy functional compound followed by reaction of the sulfonyl chloride group with a primary or secondary amine, or by reaction of chlorosulfonyl isocyanate with an excess of primary or secondary amine, are cure ac ...

David J Dunn, Kieran F Drain: Two part self-indicating adhesive composition. Loctite Corporation, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, April 8, 1986: US04581427 (5 worldwide citation)

An adhesive composition which exhibits fast curing through large gaps is disclosed. The composition comprises (A) at least one addition polymerizable vinyl-type monomer; (B) at least one free radical stabilizer; and (C) a free radical cure system. The free radical cure system comprises (i) at least ...

Michael R Baxter: Feeding trough for animals. ACO Polymer Products, Walter J Steinkraus, January 5, 1993: US05176104 (3 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to feeding troughs for animals, particularly pigs. The feeding trough has an elongate trough member (10) subdivided by lateral partitions into individual compartments (11). The width (7) of the compartments (11), the height (3) of a front wall (13) of a trough over which the a ...

Ronald S Charnock: Heat resistant toughened adhesive composition. Loctite, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, April 10, 1984: US04442267 (3 worldwide citation)

A structurally toughened heat resistant adhesive composition comprising a solution of a polyacrylic elastomer in polymerizable acrylate ester monomers. The adhesive composition also contains an adhesion promoter, a cross-linking agent, a free-radical generator and a free-radical accelerator. The adh ...

John M Rooney, Paul Conway: Ferricenium salt catalysts for vinyl ethers. Loctite, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, March 11, 1986: US04575544 (3 worldwide citation)

A curable composition of a vinyl ether resin and at least one ferricenium salt of the formula: ##STR1## where R.sup.1, R.sup.2, R.sup.3 and R.sup.4 are the same or different H or alkyl groups or a linkage to a polymer backbone; M is a metal or metalloid; X is a halide; and n is an integer equal to 1 ...

Kieran F Drain, David J Dunn: Rapid curing epoxide composition employing stable carbenium salt catalyst. Loctite Corporation, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, January 21, 1986: US04565837 (3 worldwide citation)

Compounds with a plurality of oxirane functional groups can be cured to a fixture in less than one minute with a catalyst composition of a trityl or tropylium salt of a non-nucleophillic anion and a suitable solvent. Typical catalyst salts include trityl tetrafluoroborate, trityl hexachloroantimonat ...

Kieran Mulcahy: Heating/cooling coil sealing. Loctite, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, June 4, 1985: US04521453 (1 worldwide citation)

A method of sealing a porous heating or cooling jacket of a reactor vessel includes the steps of: (a) draining the heating or cooling fluid from jacket; (b) washing and drying the interior of the jacket; (c) filling the jacket with a curable liquid sealant composition under pressure sufficient to ca ...

Scott T Armitage: System for programming hearing aids. Walter J Steinkraus, Vidas Arrett & Steinkraus, June 27, 2002: US20020083235-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A hearing aid programming system with a host computer system including a program for programming a hearing aid. The host computer system includes a first communication interface for sending and receiving control and data signals. A hearing aid programming interface device is connected to the communi ...

Francis Bourrieres, Clement Kaiser: Collective method for flush filling of through holes in a substrate. Walter J Steinkraus, Vidas Arrett & Steinkraus, September 11, 2003: US20030170387-A1

This invention proposes a device for the mass filling of through holes in a substrate with a resin or any insulating or conducting product. Process for mass, flush filling of through holes (2) in a substrate (1) with a product (3) utilizing an open scraper (7) or a closed device (4) in lateral movem ...