Samuel Q S Lin, Steven T Nakos: UV curable silicone rubber compositions. Loctite Corporation, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, June 23, 1987: US04675346 (100 worldwide citation)

Compositions of (a) a silicone resin characterized by an intermediate region free of acrylic groups, at least 150 siloxane units long, and terminal acrylic groups; (b) at least 10% of a fumed silica filler; and (c) a photoinitiator, can be cured by UV irradiation to tough elastomeric materials usefu ...

Qcheng S Lien, Steven T Nakos: Dual curing silicone, method of preparing same and dielectric soft-gel compositions thereof. Loctite Corporation, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, July 9, 1985: US04528081 (61 worldwide citation)

Novel dual curing silicones are terminated with acrylic functional dialkoxy or diaryloxy silyl groups. They are prepared by condensation of a silanol terminated silicone with a silane represented by the formula ##STR1## where R.sup.3 is alkyl or aryl, R.sup.4 is H or C.sub.1-5 alkyl and R.sup.5 is a ...

John T O Connor: Toughened cyanoacrylates containing elastomeric rubbers. Loctite Corporation, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, April 3, 1984: US04440910 (60 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are cyanoacrylate adhesive compositions containing elastomeric polymers as fillers. Preferred fillers are the acrylic rubbers. Filler concentration range from about 0.5-40% by weight of the composition. Beneficial results include improved toughness of the cured compositions, as measured by ...

Samuel Q S Lin, Anthony F Jacobine: Siloxane polyphotoinitiators of the substituted acetophenone type. Loctite Corporation, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, August 13, 1985: US04534838 (56 worldwide citation)

An organopolysiloxane photoinitiator having an average of at least two siloxane units, of which at least an average of one siloxane unit per organopolysiloxane molecule has the formula:


Samuel Q S Lin: Polyphotoinitiators and compositions thereof. Loctite Corporation, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, October 16, 1984: US04477326 (42 worldwide citation)

Polysiloxane polymers with photoinitiating functionality. The polymers may be obtained by reacting .alpha.-allylbenzoin ethers with a siloxane or polysiloxane containing a plurality of silicon hydride groups. Alternatively, the allylbenzoin ethers may be reacted with a hydrolyzable hydrosilane and f ...

Paul Conway, David P Melody, John Woods, J Eisirt Casey, Bernard J Bolger, Francis R Martin: Radiation-activatable anaerobic adhesive composition. Loctite, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, August 6, 1985: US04533446 (41 worldwide citation)

An anaerobic adhesive composition activatable by ultraviolet or visible radiation is disclosed which forms strong bonds with lapped surfaces and which is comprised of (a) an anaerobically polymerizable acrylate ester monomer, (b) a compound which decomposes upon exposure to ultraviolet or visible li ...

Stephen J Harris, M Anthony McKervey, David P Melody, John Woods, John M Rooney: Instant adhesive composition utilizing calixarene accelerators. Loctite, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, December 3, 1985: US04556700 (39 worldwide citation)

Cyanoacrylate adhesive compositions which employ calixarene compounds as additives give substantially reduced fixture and cure times on de-activating substrates such as wood. The calixarene compounds are preferably employed at levels of about 0.1-1% by weight of the composition.


Alan E Litke: Thixotropic cyanoacrylate compositions. Loctite Corporation, Eugene F Miller, Walter J Steinkraus, August 6, 1985: US04533422 (35 worldwide citation)

Cyanoacrylate compositions which employ fumed silicas treated with polydimethylsiloxane or trialkoxyalkyl silane are stable and exhibit an unexpectedly high thixotropic ratio. Such compositions are useful in adhesive applications or, when stabilized so as to prevent polymerization in contact with mo ...

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