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The disclosed solid state mass memory system comprises an adaptive, wafer scale integration, nonvolatile mass memory system organized as a stack of individual memory wafer modules with a memory system control means.

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This invention concerns a multi-layered acoustic liner which breaks up high amplitude sound and shock waves into several waves of the same type but smaller amplitudes, converting some acoustic energy into heat and shifting part of the acoustic energy to a higher frequency level to achieve better abs ...

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Lightning protection means for aircraft structural components includes thin, perforated, dielectric and metallic layers applied to the ordinarily lightning-accessible surfaces of composite structures. Where the outer metallic layer of the lightning protection means is formed from sprayed metal, grou ...

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The structure and the process for making a metallic sandwich structure in which metal worksheets, preferably made from titanium alloy, are joined in a preselected pattern by an intermittent or discontinuous weld. The joined sheets are sealed by a continuous weld to form an expandable envelope. Appli ...

George J Miller, George W Sutter: Detachable tool interface system for a robot. McDonnell Douglas Corporation, George W Finch, Walter J Jason, Donald L Royer, August 4, 1981: US04281447 (82 worldwide citation)

A mechanical system for allowing removable attachment of tools to a robot which is capable of accommodating positional and angular errors between the tool and the robot during attachment and release of the tool by using tapered attachments.

Michael A Biferno: Fail transparent LCD display with backup. McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Gregory A Cone, Walter J Jason, Donald L Royer, February 1, 1983: US04371870 (77 worldwide citation)

A display system is constructed such that upon failure of the primary display which comprises a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that becomes transparent upon failure, a backup display located directly beneath the primary display becomes visible to the display user.

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A numerical control system for a machine tool. The relay controls for the machine tool are simulated in the read only memory of a computer which is used as a controller for the flow of digital information between the control display panel, the tape reader, a memory, the machine tool and other parts ...

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A multiaxis actuator is described which provides force along at least two translational axes through the interaction of multiple windings on a single platen which interact with the field poles of a magnetic member spaced apart a sufficient distance to allow multiaxis operation. Said field poles gene ...

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The upper floor of a multi-deck pressurized aircraft having frangible floor panels sealing the floor during normal flight conditions yet rupturable under a predetermined environmental condition such as when a relatively high pressure differential exists between the upper cabin and lower cargo compar ...

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A flow indicator for use in a continuous flow type oxygen apparatus. The flow indicator constructed of a flexible chamber and restrictor to give an immediate visual indication of a minimum acceptable oxygen flow within the system.