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A coated implantable medical device 10 includes a structure 12 adapted for introduction into the vascular system, esophagus, trachea, colon, biliary tract, or urinary tract; at least one layer 18 of a bioactive material positioned over the structure 12; and at least one porous layer 20 positioned ov ...

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The removal of undesirable substances such as water, PCB's and air from the internal components of electrical devices such as transformers and power capacitors is efficiently and effectively achieved by contacting, in the absence of air, the internal components of these various electrical devices wi ...

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A continuous and valveless sorber device is described which utilizes a novel rotating sorption bed which operates through at least three zones (sorption, desorption and cooling). The rotating sorption bed is contained within a plurality of manifolds and the sorption bed and the manifolds are sealed ...

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A process and apparatus for the recovery of suspended solids from a liquid medium is disclosed. The liquid medium containing suspended solids is circulated through an electrolytic cell and an ultrafiltration unit, the suspended solids being removed from the liquid medium as a uniform particulate mas ...

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Disclosed is a device for generating an analog output signal indicative of an impact to a transducer. The transducer may be mounted on protective equipment utilized in various martial arts fields, such as protective vests and the like or can be mounted on training equipment, such as a heavy bag, str ...

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A decorative synthetic composite panel having a reinforced base portion comprised of a plurality of layers of fiber glass mat impregnated with a polyester resin, an overlying resin impregnated graphic print sheet, and a transparent resin overlay.


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Disclosed are compositions comprising a copper salt of a substituted succinic anhydride derivative containing at least one free carboxylic acid group, wherein said substituted succinic anhydride derivative contains a succinic anhydride derivative group and a substituent group wherein said substituen ...

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Reaction products of boric acid or boron trioxide with an epoxide having at least 8 carbon atoms (especially a straight-chain aliphatic epoxide) are useful anti-wear, friction modifying and rust inhibiting additives for lubricants. They are particularly useful in lubricants containing relatively lar ...

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Hydrocarbyl substituted carboxylic acylating agents are made by reacting, optionally in the presence of chlorine or bromine, (A) one or more alpha-beta olefinically unsaturated carboxylic acid reagents containing 2 to about 20 carbon atoms, exclusive of the carboxyl-based groups with (B) one or more ...