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An insulated paper cup having inner and outer frustoconcial shells, the inner shell being more tapered than the outer shell. The upper rims of both shells are outwardly curled and joined together. The outer shell has a recessed bottom upon which the bottom of the inner shell rests. The inner surface ...

John J Lavery: Can carrier with integral handle. International Paper Company, Michael J Doyle, Walt Thomas Zielinski, December 4, 1990: US04974771 (100 worldwide citation)

A paperboard carton in the form of a rectangular parallelpiped and formed by gluing and folding a scored, one-piece paperboard blank. The top panel or wall of the carton carries a series of perforated/cut lines which define a finger insertable carrying handle upon pushing inwardly by the user. A pai ...

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A clamshell or other hinged top cover type carton for hamburgers is provided with a divider sheet formed from paperboard or a paperboard laminate. The ends of the divider sheet extend laterally beyond the side edges of the carton. A bun heel and hot hamburger patty are located in the lower half of t ...

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The present invention relates to an improved container for food and non-food products. The container utilizes a novel paperboard barrier laminate structure which maintains an isolated gas environment in the container. The laminate makes use of high strength, heat-resistant and caulking polymer layer ...

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A microwave susceptor composite which includes a first layer of polymeric fibrous material, and a second layer of thermoplastic polymer material having microwave susceptive characteristics. The polymeric susceptor and polymeric fibrous material layers are arranged in lamina surface-to-surface contac ...

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A pour spout fitment for a flat top or a gable top paperboard container. A flat strip of rigid plastic material is bent over upon itself to form upper and lower strips integrally hinged together. The lower strip carries a plug coplanar with it, the upper surface of the plug adhered to a part of the ...

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A method and apparatus for use in form, fill, and seal machines wherein a polyfoil material is compressed between two jaws, one jaw having a secondary induction coil which passes through an electromagnetic field and induces a current in the metallic layer of the polyfoil, to heat and then seal the p ...

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A microwave cooking tray for microwave ovenable foodstuffs which usually display browned or crisped areas upon conventional oven cooking. The container is formed from a one piece blank of dielectric material, such as paperboard, which is bent and folded to form a trough shaped tray. A microwave inte ...

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A compact disc (CD) package formed from a unitary paperboard blank. The package is relatively long and stiff in its pre-purchased form and is readily foldable widthwise only after purchase. To permit folding after purchase, any outer wrapping is removed and the purchaser pulls a tear strip to rip aw ...

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A paper product having high stiffness, wet strength, and opacity, and good folding endurance is produced by subjecting a paper web containing a starch additive to high temperature heat treatment.