Ceffus Clark Jr: Trash container. Walker & McKenzie, April 25, 1989: US04823979 (32 worldwide citation)

A trash container for use in combination with a roll of trash bags. The trash container includes a main body compartment having an open interior and having an open mouth communicating with the interior and through which trash may be inserted; and holding structure for holding the roll of trash bags ...

Dayne L Bounds: Utility rack. Walker McKenzie & Walker, July 6, 1993: US05224636 (31 worldwide citation)

A utility rack for being attached to a vehicle and for carrying a load. The rack includes a platform member for supporting the load; a first arm member having a first end for being attached to the vehicle and having a second end; a second arm member having a first end for being attached to the vehic ...

Robert L Hall: Keyless chuck. Walker & McKenzie, April 7, 1981: US04260169 (31 worldwide citation)

A keyless chuck for attaching a drill bit to the rotary shaft of a drill. A sun gear is fixed to the rotary shaft and coacts with a set of planetary gears to rotate a body member having a plurality of threaded jaw members movably attached thereto. A screw ring member coacts with the jaw members to s ...

Robert H King: Combination fifth wheel and gooseneck hitch. Tennessee Truck Works L L C, Walker McKenzie & Walker, November 26, 2002: US06485045 (31 worldwide citation)

A combination hitch for allowing a towed vehicle to be fastened to a tow vehicle. The combination hitch includes a base for being attached to the bed of the tow vehicle, the base including a ball hitch member located substantially over the centerline of the rear axle of the tow vehicle. The combinat ...

Bing Kam: Automatic warning signal system for vehicles. Walker McKenzie & Walker P C, May 1, 2001: US06225918 (29 worldwide citation)

An automatic warning signal system for a leading vehicle (e.g., an automobile, car, truck, tanker, van, bus, motor home, motorcycle, or other vehicles, etc., as well as trailers of all kinds in-tow, etc.) including a detector for detecting when a following vehicle comes within a target area too clos ...

Don L Moore: Medicine dispenser. Walker McKenzie & Walker, March 1, 1994: US05291191 (29 worldwide citation)

A medicine dispenser for allowing first and second medicine doses to be safely dispensed. The medicine dispenser includes a housing having a first compartment for holding the first medicine dose and for movement between a closed position in which access to the first medicine dose is prevented and an ...

Harry E Lee Jr: Method of forming a beaded transfixion wire. Engineering & Precision Machining, Walker & McKenzie, October 23, 1990: US04964320 (29 worldwide citation)

A method of forming a beaded transfixion wire for orthopedic uses. The beaded transfixion wire includes an elongated wire formed of an implant grade material. A bead is provided on the elongated wire intermediate the opposite ends thereof. The bead extends outwardly beyond the outer surface of the e ...

Gene William McAuley, Diann Looney McAuley: Controlled fragrance dispenser for light bulb. BJM, Walker McKenzie & Walker PC, July 3, 2001: US06254248 (29 worldwide citation)

A fragrance dispenser for use with a light bulb and fragrance medium that emits a fragrance when heated. The fragrance dispenser includes a body member having an opening for receiving a portion of a light bulb and having a cavity for holding a fragrance medium so that when the fragrance medium is he ...

John W Falls, Garry L Rolen: Motorized chandelier lift system. Walker & McKenzie, April 14, 1992: US05105349 (29 worldwide citation)

A motorized apparatus to raise and lower a ceiling light fixture, such as a chandelier, to facilitate cleaning and bulb changing. A hoist mechanism, mounted above the ceiling between two joists, includes a drive motor with a drive shaft, and a take-up shaft coupled to the drive shaft, upon which is ...

Spence Richard Jr: Wheelchair cover. Walker & McKenzie, June 21, 1983: US04389057 (29 worldwide citation)

A transparent cover is attached to a wheelchair for protecting the user of the wheelchair from adverse weather conditions and the like. The cover includes a number of clear panels attached to a frame. The frame is removably attached to the wheelchair.