John H Porter: Differential fiber optic differential pressure sensor. Lad Research, W R Hulbert, July 1, 1980: US04210029 (104 worldwide citation)

A differential sensor unit precisely monitors ambient pressure within a confined space, such as blood pressure or intracranial pressure of a human patient, utilizing fiber optic light guides. Three light guides pass within a pneumatic line into one end of a rigid cylindrical envelope which may be in ...

Ahmet Comert, Dominique Petit: Adhesive thermoplastic compositions. W R Hulbert, May 6, 1986: US04587289 (44 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to new adhesive thermoplastic compositions.

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A syringe holder comprising pivotally mounted clamp members, first latch means connected to each said clamp member, first biasing means urging said clamp members toward an open position, a pair of levers pivotally mounted one beside each clamp member, second latch means connected to each said lever ...

James W Healy: Vapor recovery in a liquid dispensing unit. W R Hulbert, June 20, 1978: US04095626 (42 worldwide citation)

Vapors displaced from a volatile liquid container, such as a vehicle's fuel tank, during refilling of the container are recovered by a system employing a liquid jet gas pump to produce a suction in a vapor removal conduit. The liquid jet gas pump draws the vapors through the vapor conduit at a veloc ...

James W Healy: Vapor control. W R Hulbert, November 8, 1977: US04057086 (40 worldwide citation)

Fuel vapors displaced from a vehicle's fuel tank during refueling are recovered by a system employing a liquid jet pump to produce a suction. A minor portion of a conventional fuel pump's output is diverted from the usual metering-and-dispensing conduits, passed through the jet pump, and then recycl ...

John H Porter: Differential fiber optic proximity sensor. Ladd Research, W R Hulbert, November 16, 1982: US04358960 (39 worldwide citation)

Proximity sensor for determining the distance between a reflective surface and the sensor utilizes two output light guides positioned with the receiving end of one guide closer to the reflective surface than that of the other. When the surface is close to the guide ends a relatively greater intensit ...

Michele Bovio, Aquilino Barbero, Walter Gillone, Pierangelo Berruti: Non-impact printing device. Ing C Olivetti & C S p A, W R Hulbert, December 9, 1980: US04238807 (38 worldwide citation)

A non-impact printing device with selective emission of solid ink particles is disclosed. A rod 19 of solid ink is pressed by a spring 20 in an insulating housing II against an end wall with a nozzle 13 therein. A pulsed high voltage applied between the ink rod and a counter-electrode 16 (which can ...

Lorenzo Navone: Disposable toner cartridge for copying machines. Ing C Olivetti & C S p A, W R Hulbert, May 16, 1978: US04089601 (36 worldwide citation)

Disposable toner cartridge for copying machine which has an outer casing with a first opening, and a container mounted within the casing and provided with a second opening. The container is movable between a position of containment of the toner, in which it is maintained during shipment, and a posit ...


Angelo Raiteri: Drilling machine for boards, particularly of printed circuits. PRT Pluritec Italia S p A, W R Hulbert, June 24, 1986: US04596067 (28 worldwide citation)

The drilling machine comprises a pair of cross slides formed of two parallelepiped blocks of granite connected as a T above a horizontally stationary board carrying table. The transverse block carries two operating heads and, by means of pneumostatic bearings, guides their movement along the X-axis. ...