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A process for stabilizing a lubricating oil base stock derived from a nitro-aromatic-containing hydrocracked bright stock, comprising a two-step stabilizing process utilizing hydrodenitrification followed by mild hydrofinishing.

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A steam drive method for low permeability formations is described which utilizes a plurality of wellbores in an elongated pattern configuration. The wells initially undergo a cyclic steaming and production operation, wherein as each steaming cycle is initiated a fracture system is created having a h ...

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Hydrocarbonaceous solids are pyrolyzed in a process employing a series of alternate pyrolysis zones and combustion zones preferably arranged along an incline. In particular, low grade hydrocarbonaceous solids are employed to supplement combustion in these alternating combustion zones.

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A hydrocarbon conversion process is disclosed having a very high selectivity for dehydrocyclization. In one aspect of this process, a hydrocarbon feed is subjected to hydrotreating, then the hydrocarbon feed is passed through a sulfur removal system which reduces the sulfur concentration of the hydr ...

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A method and apparatus for recording acoustical and seismic signals at the ocean bottom with minimal noise. A seafloor seismic recorder couples geophones to the water bottom, stores the seismic data, and is retrievable. The device is comprised of a chassis, a ballast ring, an electronics control pac ...

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Alkenyl or alkyl succinimide additives which are the reaction product of a high molecular weight alkenyl- or alkyl-substituted succinic anhydride and a polyalkylene polyamine having an average of greater than 4 nitrogen atoms per mole, wherein the reaction product is post-treated with a cyclic carbo ...

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The present invention relates to new crystalline zeolite SSZ-35 prepared by processes for preparing crystalline molecular sieves, particularly large pore zeolites, using conformationally constrained aza-polycyclic ring system templating agents.

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An enhanced oil recovery technique for recovering hydrocarbons from a reservoir during gas injection comprises the at least periodic injection of gas and a foam-forming composition into the reservoir. The foam-forming composition comprises water, an effective foam-forming amount of a C.sub.10-16 .al ...