Roy A Hastings, Todd M Neale, Brad Whitney: Programmable mixed-mode integrated circuit architecture. Texas Instruments Incorporated, W Daniel Swayze Jr, W James Brady III, Richard L Donaldson, October 8, 1996: US05563526 (257 worldwide citation)

A programmable mixed-mode circuit (180) has both digital (215,217) and analog (120,120',120") circuit portions. The digital portion (215,217) is provided by programmable digital logic. The analog portion (120,120',120") has a variety of analog circuits, including voltage references (218), high-speed ...

Zhiqiang Wu: Self-aligned resistive plugs for forming memory cell with phase change material. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Jacqueline J Garner, W James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, April 8, 2003: US06545903 (240 worldwide citation)

Memory devices are disclosed for storage and retrieval of information, wherein resistive plugs are provided above and below a phase change material to form a memory cell. The plugs may be formed by implanting regions in high resistivity material above and below a phase change material layer to lower ...

Jose Alfredo Blakeley, Craig W Thompson: Apparatus and method for adding an associative query capability to a programming language. Texas Instruments Incorporated, W Daniel Swayze Jr, W James Brady III, Richard L Donaldson, October 20, 1998: US05826077 (206 worldwide citation)

An object-oriented query language apparatus and method provides data abstraction, seamlessness with respect to the host programming language, set support orthogonal to persistence and strong typing. Such apparatus for processing queries includes a preprocessor to parse, optimize, and translate objec ...


Theodore W Houston: Integrated circuit cells. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Rose Alyssa Keagy, W James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, October 11, 2005: US06954918 (190 worldwide citation)

According to one embodiment of the invention, a method for designing an integrated circuit is provided. The method includes providing a first transistor in a first logic path. The first transistor has a first contact, a first gate length and a first contact to gate centerline spacing. The method als ...

Gerard Chauvel, Serge Lasserre, Mario Giani, Tiemen Spits, Gerard Benbassat, Frank L Laczko Sr, Y Paul Chiang, Karen L Walker, Mark E Paley, Brian O Chae: Audio and video decoder circuit and system. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Gerald E Laws, W James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, April 9, 2002: US06369855 (178 worldwide citation)

An improved audio-visual circuit is provided that includes a transport packet parsing circuit for receiving a transport data packet stream, a CPU circuit for initializing said integrated circuit and for processing portions of said data packet stream, a ROM circuit for storing data, a RAM circuit for ...


Taylor R Efland, Dave Cotton, Dale J Skelton: ESD protection structure using LDMOS diodes with thick copper interconnect. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Mark E Courtney, W James Brady III, Richard L Donaldson, November 21, 1995: US05468984 (167 worldwide citation)

An interconnection structure and method for a multiple zener diode ESD protectoin circuit for power semiconductor devices. A plurality of lateral Zener diodes is formed. Each device is formed of a plurality of cathode and anode diffusion regions to be coupled together to form the cathode and anode o ...

Charles Fuoco, David A Comisky, Sanjive Agarwala, Raguram Damodaran: Hub interface unit and application unit interfaces for expanded direct memory access processor. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Robert D Marshall Jr, W James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, July 15, 2003: US06594713 (167 worldwide citation)

An expanded direct memory access processor has ports which may be divided into two sections. The first is an application specific design referred to as the application unit, or application unit. Between the application unit and the expanded direct memory access processor hub is a second module, know ...

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