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A Segregator Functional Plane capable of dynamically segregating any number, or subset, of a Modular Array Processor's functional planes, either in terms of control or data exchange, or both, from the remainder. This is provided by interspersing a number of Segregator Functional Planes throughout th ...

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Alignment of a mask and a semiconductor wafer to be processed is effected by orthogonal and angular movements of the mask singly and in combination. A carrier for the mask is supported on four orthogonally positioned transducers which, when actuated to elongate or contract, produce carrier translati ...

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A ceramic substrate includes a multiplicity of alternately screened and fired conductor and dielectric levels, with interconnections between levels through small via holes in the dielectric layers or alternately by means of crossovers. Thick film resistors are incorporated throughout the ceramic sub ...

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The specification describes a process for making an insulated-gate field-effect transistor wherein a silicon nitride mask is deposited above the surface of a semiconductor body and is used in one embodiment of the invention in conjunction with a refractory gate member (1) as a mask in the formation ...