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An immunoassay for assaying an antigenic substance (Ag) in a fluid. The immunoassay is the type which comprises contacting the fluid with at least one first entity selected from a group consisting of an antibody (Ab) to the Ag, a soluble, labeled antibody (L-Ab.sub.a) to the Ag, and an antibody (Ab. ...

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A device for use with variable electrical components such as potentiometers to provide not only an independent means adjacent the control knob to lock the knob in a fixed position, but also to provide variable amounts of drag on the knob to enhance more precise and accurate control of the knob. The ...

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A random access rotary pinch valve for controlling fluid flow through a plurality of fluid conduits. The valve is adapted to receive and retain the fluid conduits and includes, for each of the conduits, a toggle mechanism comprising a piston and a toggle. The piston and toggle can be latched to pinc ...

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A centrifuge rotor assembly having a resilient liner with at least two separate chambers. Fluid communication between the separate chambers is automatically controlled in response to centrifugation operation of the rotor. When the rotor is stationary, the liner assumes a first position within the ro ...

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Method and apparatus for authenticating documents such as government notes and currency, stock certificates, and the like by marking the document with an encapsulated dyed liquid crystal material and examining the document for unique optical characteristics of the mark. Reading apparatus for the doc ...

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A centrifuge overspeed protection and imbalance detection system is structured to provide a method for detecting rotor imbalance and rotor overspeed. The system has a single transducer to provide real-time data necessary to detect rotor imbalance and control motor speed.

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A high pressure valve for control of the injection of a sample into an analyzer system such as an amino acid analyzer with liquid column chromatography. The valve is designed in such a manner that no rinse solution that is used to cleanse the system after the injection of a particular sample will en ...

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End caps that are press fitted to the ends of an analytical column tube and to a precolumn tube are abutted to form a fluid flow path. The end caps include projections around the fluid flow path to form a void between the opposing faces of the end caps. A gasket seal is retained within the void to p ...

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A device for handling and washing beads. The device is attachable to a test tube rack and includes a frame, a containing slide, and a capture slide. By manipulating the slides in various combinations of positions the beads may be added to, removed from, or separately washed apart from test tubes in ...

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An ultracentrifuge rotor comprising a body portion formed as a bowl with a central open chamber defined by a thin, cylindrical wall extending from a supporting base and a plurality of nested rings of filament windings surrounding the cylindrical wall for strengthening and stiffening same. The nested ...