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A triple catheter for removing of blood clots from arteries and veins is equipped with an outer catheter (1) that can be inserted into a blood vessel and an inner catheter (5) with an inflatable baloon (6) at its distal end that can be inserted into the outer catheter (1). The inner catheter (5) is ...

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The present method and system for the automatic orientation and control of a robot in a space or on a surface to be worked by the robot, for example an area to be vacuum-cleaned or a lawn to be mowed, employs a plurality of distance measuring devices, which continuously and repeatedly measure distan ...

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A system for long-term remote medical monitoring is especially suitable for the medical supervision of astronauts onboard a space station. The system includes at least one autonomous sensor unit (SU) with a sensor (

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A reflection type oximeter comprises light emitting diodes (11 to 16) as first to sixth light sources which emit first and second beams of a wavelength involving a change in absorption due to a change an oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in blood of a tissue of a living body, third and fourth beams of ...

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A coin computing apparatus includes an input for converting coin values received to coin unit data for storage along with other data. This data is subsequently converted to unit data for controlling operation of the device or the dispensing of articles. The storage includes a temporary storage for s ...

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A cable end with its terminal or connector is maintained in a curved installed position with the aid of a bent retaining jacket (25A). The jacket is preferably a corrugated metal hose having one end formed into a bushing that is clamped in place on a support body of the connector or terminal togethe ...

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In a power transmission system comprising at least two trolley wires for supplying an alternating current power to an electric vehicle, and at least two feeder lines coupled to the trolley wires at feeding points of the corresponding trolley wires spaced apart a given interval for feeding a voltage ...

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The reliability of a tamper resistant module for safeguarding stored information, e.g. in an electronic computer system, is improved to deny access to the system by an unauthorized person or at least to a specific portion of the system. For this purpose, the module has for example a pair of substrat ...

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