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An anchoring element including a replacement heart valve for the purposes of intraluminal anchoring of the heart valve element to mammalian hearts, the anchoring element having a small enough initial volume prior to its placement that it can be brought to its point of use using a catheter through a ...

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The present invention provides a nitride based semiconductor device comprising an active layer having a quantum well layer and a quantum barrier layer, wherein the device includes an electron emitting layer formed of at least two repeats of a first nitride semiconductor layer and a second nitride se ...

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The present invention comprises a memory management system employed in a settop terminal which utilizes memory available at the headend of a CATV system through a bidirectional CATV network to augment the memory resident within the settop terminal. The system includes a memory management unit that m ...

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A system for providing a communication link among a plurality of mobile units comprises a broadband RF transceiver with antenna, a GPS receiver, an audio-visual interface, an electro-mechanical interface and a microprocessor with associated memory incorporated into each a mobile unit.

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A system for the wireless transmission of multiple information signals utilizing digital time division circuits between a base station and a plurality of subscriber stations. The subscriber stations may be fixed or movable. The number of time division circuits is determined by the transmission quali ...

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The invention relates to a detection method performed on a maternal serum or plasma sample from a pregnant female, which method comprises detecting the presence of a nucleic acid of foetal origin in the sample. The invention enables non-invasive prenatal diagnosis including for example sex determina ...

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An Internet interface is disclosed for tailoring of a web page to an individual user without requiring a user to disclose information that specifically identifies the user. The interface includes a user portion and a web page portion. The user portion includes a data file having information related ...

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A system for toll payment by electronic cash identifies an electronic purse and effects value transfer over a communication system without stopping the mobile (vehicle or person). Mobile identity MID is temporarily correlated with purse identity PID and one or another identity is erased on satisfact ...

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The wireless power transmission is a system for providing wireless charging and/or primary power to electronic/electrical devices via microwave energy. The microwave energy is focused to a location in response to receiving a beacon signal from a beacon device by a power transmitter having one or mor ...

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The improved settop terminal of the present invention utilizes a subscriber's television as the preferred graphical interface to simultaneously provide channel in-band and out-of-band program information to a subscriber. A subscriber may tune, view and select from among a plurality of digital audio ...