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This invention relates to inhibitors of p38 and methods of utilizing the inhibitors and pharmaceutical compositions thereof in the treatment and prevention of various disorders mediated by p38.

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The present invention is directed to small interfering RNA molecules targeted against a gene of interest in respiratory epithelial cells, and methods of using these RNA molecules.

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Systems and methods are provided through which a model-based vision system for dentistry which assists in diagnosis, treatment planning and surgical simulation. The present invention includes an integrated computer vision system that constructs a three-dimensional (3-D) model of the patient's dental ...

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Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and processes for constructing a contact lens. In one embodiment, a contact lens assembly is provided, comprising: a curved polymer polarizer with an aperture; a lenslet disposed inside the aperture, wherein the lenslet enables i ...

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The present invention provides compositions and methods for the delivery of therapeutic agents to cells. In particular, these include novel cationic lipids and nucleic acid-lipid particles that provide efficient encapsulation of nucleic acids and efficient delivery of the encapsulated nucleic acid t ...

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The invention is related to anti-viral compounds, compositions containing such compounds, and therapeutic methods that include the administration of such compounds, as well as to processes and intermediates useful for preparing such compounds.

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Compositions and methods useful in administering nucleic acid based therapies, for example association complexes such as liposomes and lipoplexes are described.

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Anhydride polymers that release active or activatable agent(s) have pre-selected properties such as molecular weight, flexibility, hardness, adhesiveness, and other valuable properties. The polymers are suitable for use in compositions, formulations, coatings, devices, and the like that benefit from ...

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The present invention provides compounds, including resolved enantiomers, resolved diastereomers, solvates and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, comprising the Formula I: Also provided are methods of using the compounds of this invention as AKT protein kinase inhibitors and for the treatmen ...

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The present invention provides modified fibronectin type III (Fn3) molecules, nucleic acid molecules encoding the modified Fn3 molecules, and related vectors and host cells.