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A semiconductor lamp includes a reflector having a lower side and an upper side, wherein the lower side widens laterally and wherein the lower side and the upper side are separated from one another by an upper rim, and having a first light source group having at least one semiconductor light source ...

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A lighting device for mounting on a mounting surface may include: a planar solid state lighting module having a light emitting region and peripheral holes for fixing members to the mounting surface to extend therethrough, a peripheral gasket extending along the periphery of the lighting module; the ...

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An optoelectronic device, comprising: a first organic functional layer structure; a second organic functional layer structure; and a charge generating layer structure between the first organic functional layer structure and the second organic functional layer structure, wherein the charge generating ...

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In various embodiments, a sensor apparatus is provided. The sensor apparatus includes a sensor device having a plurality of electrical contacts; a housing having a plurality of sidewalls; and a metal carrier structure, which extends into the housing in a manner passing through two mutually opposite ...

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A light emitting diode lamp may include a socket; a first circuit board; and at least one plug connector electrically connected to the socket; wherein the connector is connected to the circuit board by means of a plug section.

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Various embodiments relates to an organic light-emitting device, including at least one functional layer for generating electroluminescent radiation, an encapsulation structure formed on or over the at least one functional layer, and a heat conduction layer formed on or over the encapsulation struct ...

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A wireless power transmitting device is described comprising a power transmitter to wirelessly transmit power to a wireless power receiving device, a controller configured to control the wireless power transfer to the wireless power receiving device via a wireless power transfer control channel of a ...

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A projection unit may include a reflector-lamp arrangement which is designed to emit light during operation, wherein the light radiates toward an aperture, wherein a setting unit is provided, with which a light intensity distribution of the emitted light is adjustable relative to the aperture, where ...

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Disclosed is a complementary resistor switch (3) comprising two outer contacts, between which two piezo- or ferroelectric layers (11a and 11b) having an inner common contact are situated. At least one region (11′, 11″) of the layers is modified, either the outer contacts are rectifying (S) and the i ...

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A lighting device may include a plurality of laser light sources, and an optical apparatus for concentrating the light emitted by the laser light sources. The optical apparatus has at least one ring-shaped reflector having a parabolic light reflection surface and at least one light conversion elemen ...