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A stent delivery system which utilizes a stent delivery catheter to deliver a stent into a body lumen. The stent delivery catheter being equipped with at least one stent retaining sleeve. The at least one stent retaining sleeve having an inside diameter and an outside diameter. The inside diameter h ...

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A two-side working machine, comprising an upper and a lower working disc which hold on, and are fixed to, an upper and a lower carrier disc, and which are disposed coaxially with each other and are adapted to be rotationally driven relative to each other by a working motor via a driving shaft, where ...

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A method of bonding a plastic substrate with an alpha-cyanoacrylate adhesive in which a primer comprising an ethylenediamine is used. The method is particularly suitable for use in bonding polyolefins in the consumer market.

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A dental implant package for supplying a dental implant and healing screw without impacting the sterility thereof is disclosed. The package comprises an elongated tubular housing with an open first end and a closed second end for receiving the dental implant and a cap for closing the tubular housing ...

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A solvent based gravity drainage process whereby the vertical growth rate of the chamber is restricted by placing, monitoring and managing a buoyant gas blanket at the top of the vapor chamber. The process reduces the heat loss to the overburden as well as providing a means to preserve a barrier lay ...

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Industrial truck with a display unit for an operator and with a sending and receiving unit directed towards the load pick-up region, which can receive sent data from load goods and from load supports, and an analyzing unit, which displays the received data in the display unit, wherein the analyzing ...