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A method for stabilizing a spinal motion segment by boring and excising an opening in a disc nucleus, inserting a fabric bag having a pore size between about 0.25 and 5.0 mm, packing the bag with a graft medium until the bag is a rigid self-retaining shape, then closing the bag. The nucleus is excis ...

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An expandable, porous fabric implant for insertion into the interior of a reamed out disc which is packed with material to stabilize the spinal segment. The fabric pores allows for tissue ingrowth through the implant.

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A device for closing off a septal defect including a polymeric self-hardening material in a specific conformation which is delivered by a catheter device to the area of defect either directly on the cardiac tissue or into a balloon which spans both surfaces of the defect, and hardened in-situ by cha ...

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The present invention provides an improved stent delivery catheter. The stent delivery system comprises a catheter having a stent receiving portion adapted to receive a stent near the distal end of the catheter and a stent concentrically arranged around the catheter within the stent receiving portio ...

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Collagen applied to a vascular stem for increasing the biocompatability of the stent on implantation find method of treatment.

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A catheter delivered device to close a septal defect, the device comprising a cylindrical shaft of metal or polymeric material with concentric parallel cuts through the wall of the device which create flattened support struts. The center of the support struts move radially away from the axis in a hi ...

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A medical device comprising an organic polymer substrate material having a coating thereon, the coating comprising an interpenetrating network of two different hydrogel polymers, one of which is a polyurethane/polyurea hydrogel polymer, the polyurethane/polyurea hydrogel polymer being linked to the ...

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A temporary stent for supporting a region of a vessel in a body comprising a composite stent portion and an actuator portion and methods for the use and manufacture thereof. The composite stent portion is comprised of an elongate perfusable vessel supporting portion adapted to be configurable betwee ...

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Expandable intraluminal stents made of a powdered metal or polymer are provided as well their method of manufacture. These stents are characterized by a desired porosity, with a drug compressed into the pores of the stent. The stents are formed by subjecting one or more powdered materials in a die c ...

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A stent includes a main body of a generally tubular shape for insertion into a lumen of a vessel of a living being. The tubular main body includes a substantially biodegradable matrix having collagen IV and laminin that enclose voids within the matrix. The tubular main body also includes a biodegrad ...