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An improved prosthetic implant for forming a rigid structure between adjoining vertebrae in a spinal column. The prosthetic implant includes a cage having a top, bottom, front end, back end, first side and second side walls. The first side wall has an arcuate surface. The top and bottom wall include ...

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There is disclosed an illuminating light source device suitable for illumination at a vibrating place or a portion where an electric lamp is hardly exchangeable for new one, as well as for general luminairs. The illuminating light source device comprises a semiconductor laser element for outputting ...

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An expandable intraluminal graft for use within a body cavity having a tubular shaped member with two ends and a wall surface disposed between the ends. The tubular shaped member has a first diameter to permit intraluminal delivery of the member into a body cavity, and a second expanded diameter. Co ...

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A tubular sheath is disclosed which is slidably disposed over a tubular medical device which tubular medical device is positioned at a body tissue access site. The sheath is deposited within a patient to assist in sealing the incision caused by the tubular medical device and inhibit internal and ext ...

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An air inflatable belt worn by a person for support in the lumbar and sacral regions of the body has an inner wall, which faces the body of the person, provided with one or more permanent magnet arrangements producing magnetic fields directed toward the person's body. The permanent magnet arrangemen ...

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A battery operated, hand-held fluid dispenser comprises a supply container having a body portion and a narrow neck extending upwardly therefrom. A pump and discharge unit is mounted on the upper end of the neck and comprises a pump diaphragm and pump chamber for pumping liquid from the container to ...

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A monitor for an electric arc welder as the welder performs a selected arc welding process by creating actual welding parameters, such as arc current and arc voltage, between an advancing welding wire and a workpiece, where the process involves an arc and is defined by a series of rapidly repeating ...

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A beverage dispenser provides uniformly chilled carbonated beverages during peak demand and off-peak demand. The dispenser includes a soda and syrup chiller, beverage dispensing heads and a vacuum insulated tower assembly between the chiller and the dispensing heads.

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Drag reducing apparatus for the rear end of a road vehicle such as a truck or trailer comprises a storage container in which an inflatable bladder is rolled on a support shaft for displacement relative to the container between a stored position and a deployed position in which the inflatable bladder ...

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An expandable intraluminal graft for use within a body cavity having a tubular shaped member with two ends and a wall surface disposed between the ends. The wall surface is formed by a plurality of intersecting elongated members wherein the elongated members intersecting with one another intermediat ...