Yoshihisa Furuta: Apparatus for checking blind spots of vehicle. Varndell & Varndell PLLC, September 28, 1999: US05959555 (342 worldwide citation)

A blind spot checking apparatus comprising an apparatus main body, which is installed on the outside of a vehicle and which is directed toward the view to be taken in by image sensors, and a display apparatus, which is installed inside the vehicle and which displays the graphic information taken in ...

Masato Kageyama, Masanori Tojima, Kiyoshi Kaneko, Kazunori Kuromoto, Tomonori Ozaki: Vehicle monitor for controlling movements of a plurality of vehicles. Komatsu, Varndell & Varndell PLLC, June 12, 2001: US06246932 (91 worldwide citation)

This invention is a vehicle monitor for avoiding interference between vehicles, etc., without incurring cost increases for deploying auxiliary equipment at a wide-area site, while imposing only low loads on communication lines and monitoring stations, without impairing safety, and while realizing hi ...

Kuei Lin Chang: Sole and pressure-buffer insert arrangement sports shoe. Varndell & Varndell PLLC, January 15, 2002: US06338207 (84 worldwide citation)

A sole and pressure-buffer insert arrangement is disclosed includes a pressure-buffer insert inserted into a side opening in the sole of a shoe, the pressure-buffer insert including two linked elastic shells, and two inflatable air bag respectively inserted into the shells from one side, each inflat ...

Yushi Oshikawa, Masataka Uno: Engine enclosure for construction vehicles. Komatsu, Varndell & Varndell PLLC, December 2, 2003: US06655486 (57 worldwide citation)

An engine enclosure for a construction vehicle which is simply constructed and small-sized, while improving the cooling efficiency and lowering the noise. The engine enclosure including: an engine hood

Masato Kageyama, Kiyoshi Kaneko, Shu Takeda, Masanori Tojima, Koji Takeda: Interference preventing device for vehicle. Komatsu, Varndell & Varndell PLLC, September 18, 2001: US06292725 (53 worldwide citation)

The present invention prevents the interference of vehicles traveling on-coming to each other when a plurality of vehicles are traveling on-coming to each other on a traveling path with a predetermined road width without increase in cost caused by setting a wide course width and without a drop in wo ...

Keiji Nagasaka, Kunihiro Ryo, Morimasa Joryo: Bill serial number reading device and bill serial number reading method. Glory, Varndell & Varndell PLLC, April 26, 2005: US06883707 (53 worldwide citation)

The present invention recognizes denomination and transporting direction of each bill to be deposited when the bill is deposited, selectively drives two light sources with different emission colors based on the recognized information on the denomination and direction of the bill, and scans and reads ...

Ching Hsiang Lo: Electrode panel-drawing device of a static ion discharger. Varndell & Varndell PLLC, October 3, 2000: US06126727 (53 worldwide citation)

An electrode panel-drawing device of a static ion discharger, including a box body. A top section of the box body is formed with an opening. A bottom section of the box body is disposed with a connecting seat. The box body is disposed with ventilators, an activating switch and an adjustment button. ...

Hsiu Mei Feng: Heat-radiating structure of power adapter. Long Well Electronics, Varndell & Varndell PLLC, April 4, 2000: US06046908 (50 worldwide citation)

A heat-radiating structure of power adapter, including an outer housing, a front sealing board, a rear sealing board, a circuit board, a heat-conducting member and a bottom board. At least one side of the circuit board is connected with a heat-conducting member. The heat-conducting member is dispose ...


Ching Chao Chen: Christmas tree light. Varndell & Varndell PLLC, September 26, 2000: US06123433 (47 worldwide citation)

A Christmas tree light includes a socket shell having a top receiving chamber and an outward top flange, an insulative block mounted in the top receiving chamber inside the socket shell, the insulative block having two longitudinal grooves at two opposite sides, a bulb supported on the insulative bl ...