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An alignment device for squarely aligning a conduit within a conduit port of a housing. The alignment device includes a connecting block having a conduit passage therethrough and into which the conduit is trapped. The connecting block has a fastener passage therethrough that is laterally offset from ...

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An exhaust tip for attachment to a tailpipe that includes a thermoset heat shield at least partially surrounding and fastened to the tailpipe, and a thermoplastic decorative cover at least partially surrounding and fastened to the thermoset heat shield. The thermoset heat shield insulates the thermo ...

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A method for removing pharmaceutical agents from human wastes. Such pharmaceuticals may include their metabolized byproducts, either or both of which may be harmful as a toxin or a carcinogen. The method generally includes the use of a portable human waste containment unit which is configured to ser ...

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A body subassembly for a vehicle that is designed to be mounted substantially flush with the surrounding vehicle body panels and an impact-absorbing bumper, and that is capable of deflecting with the stroke of the impact-absorbing bumper during impact. The body subassembly is preferably formed with ...

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The display system includes a plurality of displays prominently positioned about a baccarat table so that the bettors and onlookers of the baccarat table can easily view the displays and know past game results. The system includes a first counter for inputting a bank-win outcome, a second counter fo ...

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A receptacle-type heating device for automatically warming and vibrating a multitude of containers simultaneously in order to thaw, warm, and mix cold or frozen liquid in an expedient and accurate manner. The device heats each container to a desired temperature using heat exchange of heated water wi ...

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A seating module for aircraft passengers including an individual seat which has a seat cushion, a seat back and arm rests and is adapted to be oriented in a longitudinal direction of the aircraft. The seating module further includes an upright vertical wall structure having a fitting or compartment ...

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A dual-plane sealing configuration for a fluid-tight conduit connection that incorporates additional sealing areas and minimizes assembly misalignment. A gasket is mounted around a conduit, sandwiched between an end-form block and a receiver, and compressed therebetween using a fastener fitted throu ...

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A lock which incorporates a digital programmable microprocessing interface capable of user-programming whereby a programmed combination opens the lock. According to one embodiment of the lock, there can be as many as approximately 10×10

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The present invention generally relates to a method and apparatus for the assembly of body components to an automotive body that has undergone a progressive series of framing and welding steps so as to produce a structurally rigid body frame, termed a body-in-white. More specifically, this invention ...