Frank Matthew William: Solar thermal energy collection system. Van Valkenburgh Lowe & Law, April 8, 1975: US3875926 (74 worldwide citation)

An application and a method for receiving and transmitting thermal solar energy. A collector of solar energy reflects solar energy to a heat pipe which transmits vapor produced therein to a condenser to release and utilize the thermal energy carried by the vapor either to perform heating functions o ...

Klein Gerald B: Fishermans tool. Van Valkenburgh Lowe & Law, July 30, 1974: US3825961 (33 worldwide citation)

A tool, which may be used as a fisherman's tool, having an elongated handle which includes parallel cantilevered members extending from one end and lever means arranged to flex the members toward each other. The members are provided with surfaces for crushing or cutting fishing leader material and c ...

Woodrow C Whitchurch: Compound trailer hitch with gooseneck support. Van Valkenburgh Lowe & Law, May 11, 1976: US03955831 (30 worldwide citation)

A compound trailer hitch which includes a pair of links pivotally interconnecting a pickup truck and a two-wheel type trailer. The links converge symmetrically from spaced apart positions at the leading end of the trailer to the trailing end of the truck. This convergence is such that the forward pr ...

Paul J Barnes: Out-of-bounds wand for volleyball net and support strap. Van Valkenburgh Lowe & Law, February 24, 1976: US03940139 (27 worldwide citation)

An upright rod-like wand attached to the side of a volleyball net at a selected position with respect to the boundary line of the court below the net. A volleyball striking the wand will be out of bounds. The net wand is held in place by a rubber strap having a hole at each end through which the wan ...

Klein Gerald B: Leader with a line connector. Van Valkenburgh Lowe & Law, December 31, 1974: US3857645 (26 worldwide citation)

A small, cigar-shaped line connector is affixed to the butt of a leader so that a line, such as a fly line, may be secured to this connector. An axial passageway opens at one end of the connector to receive the butt end of the leader, and this leader end is affixed therein. An axial passageway opens ...

Newton Gary: Loader crane for gooseneck trailer. Van Valkenburgh Lowe & Law, April 2, 1974: US3800966 (24 worldwide citation)

The present invention incorporates a loader crane with a gooseneck type trailer. The trailer is modified by adding a deck upon the gooseneck structure. The loader frame is mounted upon this deck to permit the boom and arm thereof to extend and swing over the bed of the trailer. The crane is hydrauli ...

Klein Gerald B: Hook connector. Van Valkenburgh Lowe & Law, August 12, 1975: US3898760 (24 worldwide citation)

A hook connector for connecting a snell, line or leader to the shank of a hook. The connector is formed as a resilient member of a tough, hard, synthetic resin such as nylon.

Klein Gerald B: Sealant for pushdown gate in a can lid. Van Valkenburgh Lowe & Law, September 16, 1975: US3905513 (23 worldwide citation)

A sealing arrangement for a pushdown gate in a can lid of the type where the gate is defined by a score line in the face of the lid which is torn and severed when the gate is pushed into the can. This score line outline of the gate is located in an indentation in the surface of the can and at one po ...

Walker Bruce A: Two-wheel hand truck with elevator. Van Valkenburgh Lowe & Law, July 29, 1975: US3896904 (21 worldwide citation)

An elevating mechanism is incorporated into the body of a two-wheel hand truck. The upright rails of the hand truck are tubular, slotted and open at their bottom ends. An elevator leg is telescopically mounted in each rail, and the two elevator legs are interconnected by a ladder-like array of cross ...

Bernstein Joseph D: Mounting strip for flexible sheet material. Van Valkenburgh Lowe & Law, July 22, 1975: US3895468 (21 worldwide citation)

A mounting strip for flexible sheet material, such as cloth-backed vinyl sheets which are used to cover the tops and body panels of automobiles. The strip is secured to the automobile body by rivets to extend about the top or a panel to hold the edges of a vinyl sheet covering the top or panel. The ...

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