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A method for forming packaged substrates, including flip-chip dice individually or in a multi-die wafer. The method includes using a stereolithographic process to form a protective dielectric polymeric sealing structure on at least the active surface of the substrate. In addition, the invention enco ...

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Robot platforms, methods, and computer media are disclosed. The robot platform includes perceptors, locomotors, and a system controller, which executes instructions for a robot to follow a target in its environment. The method includes receiving a target bearing and sensing whether the robot is bloc ...

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A system to be used in fixed and mobile telephone networks, based on telephone set types (1), (3) and (8) that have the capacity of storing in a memory (21) a number of carrier identification codes organized in table form (36) and of performing the automatic selection of the least cost carrier to ro ...

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A quick-connect syringe tip for use with a dental handpiece. The syringe tip resists rotation about an axis through the connection end, allowing retraction of a cheek or lip without changing the orientation of a discharge fluid stream.

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Provided is an isolated mammalian negative strand RNA virus, metapneumovirus (MPV). Described are isolated mammalian negative strand RNA viruses identifiable as phylogenetically corresponding or relating to the genus Metapneumovirus and components thereof. Also described is mammalian MPV, subgroups ...

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A system adapted to provide a warning to a motorist that a nearby vehicle has been in an accident. Embodiments include a crash detector operable to detect a crash of a vehicle, a transmitter to transmit a warning signal (typically, radio frequency) from the crashed vehicle, a receiver to receive a t ...

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A fast-quench reactor for production of diatomic hydrogen and unsaturated carbons is provided. During the fast quench in the downstream diverging section of the nozzle, such as in a free expansion chamber, the unsaturated hydrocarbons are further decomposed by reheating the reactor gases. More diato ...

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An infectious clone based on the genome of a wild-type RNA virus is produced by the process of providing a host cell not susceptible to infection by the wild-type RNA virus, providing a recombinant nucleic acid based on the genome of the wild-type RNA virus, transfecting the host cell with the recom ...

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Described are binding molecules such as human monoclonal antibodies that bind to influenza virus H5N1 and have neutralizing activity against influenza virus H5N1. Also described are nucleic acid molecules encoding the antibodies, and compositions comprising the antibodies and methods of identifying ...

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A method of recovering daughter isotopes from a radioisotope mixture. The method comprises providing a radioisotope mixture solution comprising at least one parent isotope. The at least one parent isotope is extracted into an organic phase, which comprises an extractant and a solvent. The organic ph ...