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A method of planarizing a surface of a wafer includes providing a planarization material on the wafer surface and bringing a substantially flat surface into contact with the planarization material on the wafer. The planarization material is exposed to radiation at a first wavelength to cure the plan ...

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A catheter connection system is defined by a rigid, tubular stem attached at a proximal end thereof to a medical device. The stem has a plurality of engagement barbs encircling and radially, outwardly extending on an exterior surface of the stem. The engagement barbs can be configured having a varie ...

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A stepping exercise apparatus with a motivational display is disclosed. The apparatus has a computer linked with the display and programmed to generate a pair of icons. One icon (the pace icon) represents a fictitious competitor exercising at a target pace, and the other icon (the user icon) represe ...

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A method and apparatus for reaming or enlarging a borehole using a bi-center bit with a stability-enhanced design. The cutters on the pilot bit section of the bi-center bit are placed and oriented to generate a lateral force vector longitudinally offset from, but substantially radially aligned with, ...

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An inventive electronic device, such as a multi-chip module (MCM), a Single In-line Memory Module (SIMM), or a Dual In-line Memory Module (DIMM), includes a base, such as a printed circuit board, having a surface on which flip-chip pads and wire-bondable pads are provided. The flip-chip pads define ...

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A hollow, strap-like eyeglass retainer (20) which provides audio electronic connections to interact with radio or other audio signal producing equipment (46) and audio speakers.

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A multi-chip module (MCM) and method of manufacturing is disclosed that provides for attachment of semiconductor dice to both sides of the MCM printed circuit board (PCB). Semiconductor dice attached to the top surface of the PCB may be attached by conventional wire bonding, TAB or flip chip methods ...

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The present invention comprises a method and apparatus for simultaneously drilling and casing a wellbore. More specifically, the apparatus comprises and outer conduit string containing an inner drill string carrying a bit capable of drilling a wellbore of greater diameter than the outer string. The ...

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A pump assembly for ambulatory peritoneal dialysis transfer procedures includes a portable power supply geared to drive a high-volume peristaltic pump. A cassette of the pump comprises an encasement; tubing including an inner portion positioned within the encasement, a patient-side portion for conne ...

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The invention provides a cylindrical elongate body extending from a proximal to a distal end, the body defining two similar longitudinally extending lumens separated by a septum and a further lumen defined within the septum, a tip extending from the distal end of the body defining a part of the furt ...