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An intraluminal grafting system includes a hollow graft which has a plurality of staples adapted proximate its proximal end. The system includes a guide for positioning the proximal end of the graft upstream in a lumen which may be a blood vessel or artery. The back of the guide has a cavity into wh ...

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A three-dimensional electrode device is disclosed. The device is useful as a neuron interface or as a cortical implant. A plurality of spire-shaped electrodes, formed of semiconductor material, are associated with a rigid base. The electrodes are electrically isolated from each other at the base. Mu ...

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A bioplar electrosurgical forceps carries a thermocouple junction at the distal end of each of two mutually opposed prongs. The junctions are formed by welding a constantan wire directly to the ferrous metal prongs, thereby avoiding the need for electrical isolation.

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A method of creating a protocol for oil extraction or for enhancing oil extraction from oil reservoirs. A process of devising and applying a customized electromagnetic irradiation protocol to individual reservoirs. Reservoir samples are tested to determine their content, molecular resonance frequenc ...

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A rotary bit for drilling subterranean formations. The bit includes a separately-fabricated bit body and cutter support structures, the latter of which may be designed as blades, ribs, pads or otherwise, depending upon the bit style. The body and one or more cutter support structures are assembled a ...

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A stackable fine ball grid array (FBGA) package is disclosed that allows the stacking of one array upon another. This stackable FBGA package is configured such that conductive elements are placed along the outside perimeter of an integrated circuit (IC) device mounted to the FBGA. The conductive ele ...

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A simplified touch pad which detects a “touch” in a specific absolute positioning programmable zone or “enter/select” zone rather than requiring a “tap”. The touch pad also has an audible feedback device built into the touch pad for immediate feedback and a touch sensitive surface comprising a relat ...

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An intraluminal vascular graft is structure to be deployable within a vessel for incorporation therein without use of hooks or barbs. The intraluminal vascular graft structure comprises a tubular body formed of a biocompatible material and a frame structure, having both circumferential support and l ...

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A method and apparatus for defining the location of a medical instrument relative to features of a medical workspace including a patient's body region are described. Pairs of two-dimensional images are obtained, preferably by means of two video cameras making images of the workspace along different ...

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An ovonic phase-change semiconductor memory device having a reduced area of contact between electrodes of chalcogenide memories, and methods of forming the same. Such memory devices are formed by forming a tip protruding from a lower surface of a lower electrode element. An insulative material is ap ...