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Methods and systems for automatically synthesizing product information from multiple data sources into an on-line catalog are disclosed, and in particular, for automatically synthesizing the product information based on attribute-value pairs. Information for a product may be obtained, via entity ext ...

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A communication system is described herein which provides an indicator that helps hub participants of a meeting (or other environmental setting) determine a direction of attention of a satellite participant (who is not physically present at the meeting). The indicator can be implemented as a mechani ...

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Technology is described for transformation rule profiling for a query optimizer. The method can include obtaining a database query configured to be optimized by the query optimizer of a database system. An optimized query plan for the database query can be found using a host set of transformation ru ...

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A code fix is communicated using an automatically executable code patch that has an additional code element that allows the code to perform the functions of registration, detection, setup, reporting, tracking, policy verification or clean up.

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The claimed subject matter relates to an architecture that can determine costs associated with updating file formats. In particular, the architecture can interface with a network-accessible data storage service in order to determine a cost-benefit to the data storage service for a wide variety of co ...

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An arrangement for scanning and patching injected malware code that is executing in otherwise legitimate processes running on a computer system is provided in which malware code is located in the memory of processes by extracting the start addresses of processes' threads and then searching near thes ...

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Described is a technology in which test case content in the form of a web application is provided to a client browser from a test case management system over a web server. Results of running the test case are similarly communicated back. This allows different web application test harnesses to be run ...

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A business intelligence (BI) document preserves references to identities and formats of remote data sources and allows a local computing device to offload analytical operations to remote data sources. The BI document specifies a graph of entities connected by directed edges from the output of one en ...

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Systems, methods and computer-readable media are disclosed for capturing purchase information regarding purchased items of a consumer. Upon receiving an image of a receipt (a receipt image) regarding a list of purchased items, receipt text is generated. The receipt text is processed to identify the ...