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An improved session control method and apparatus includes a client which establishes a session with a first server such that the first server can identify the client. When the client wishes to migrate from the first server to a second server, the client requests a session token from the first server ...

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A method and apparatus for conserving power in a medical diagnostic apparatus by using a sleep mode during a monitoring state. The invention monitors physiological parameters of the patient and enters a sleep mode only after they have been stable for a predetermined period of time. The apparatus is ...

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A method, apparatus and system for template-controlled, precision laser interventions is described that greatly improves the accuracy, speed, range, reliability, versatility, safety, and efficacy of interventions such as laser microsurgery, particularly ophthalmic surgery, and industrial micromachin ...

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The present invention is directed to a process for amplifying and detecting any target nucleic acid sequence contained in a nucleic acid or mixture thereof and for assembling large polynucleotides from component polynucleotides, each involving generating concatemers formed by PCR amplification of ov ...

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The invention provides laser eye surgery devices, systems, and methods which measure the refractive error in the eye before, during, and/or after vision correction surgery. The invention allows adjustments during the vision correction operation, and allows qualitative and/or quantitative measurement ...

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Improved devices, systems, and methods for inhibiting hyperplasia in blood vessels provide controlled and safe cryotherapy treatment of a target portion within a body lumen of a patient. One embodiment of the cryotherapy catheter comprises a catheter body having a proximal end and a distal end with ...

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A method of depositing a silicon oxide layer over a substrate having a trench formed between adjacent raised surfaces. In one embodiment the silicon oxide layer is formed in a multistep process that includes depositing a first portion of layer over the substrate and within the trench by forming a hi ...

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The present invention provides microfluidic devices, systems and methods for using the same, which facilitate the introduction of fluid to and from a microfluidic channel located within the microfluidic devices.

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An automatic archiving system that makes document archiving largely transparent to the user. In one embodiment, documents scanned in or printed during the course of office equipment operation are automatically archived. For example, an office local area network (LAN) may interconnect a copier, a pri ...

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The invention provides an input device for robotic surgical techniques and other applications. The input device has a handle supported by a linkage having joints with a redundant degree of freedom, with the joints being movable with at least one more degree of freedom than the handle. At least one j ...