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A supported bioprosthetic heart valve in which the supporting stent is capable of annular deformation and also of limited perimetric expansion and contraction during heart operation. The stent includes a wire frame composed of a single flexible wire preformed to define inverted U-shaped commissure s ...

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An intraluminal stent includes a continuous helix of zig-zag wire and loops which connect adjacent apices of the wire. The stent is compressible and self-expandable substantially to a pre-compressed configuration. A method of forming the stent includes bending a length of wire into a zig-zag configu ...

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An instrument particularly useful for locating and removing ureteral calculi and other occlusive objects from body passages. The instrument includes a flexible tube or sheath which slidably receives a tightly-twisted multi-stranded cable of a length greater than that of the tube, the cable having an ...

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An implant for soft tisse (e.g., subcutaneous, perivascular, adipose), particularly a mass transfer device having a fluid diffusing or transmitting surface in contact with the soft tissue, in which the surface of the device in tissue contact is textured to provide a regular pattern of micropillars a ...

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A method of ultrasonic imaging for use in medical procedures is disclosed. The method comprises providing specifically defined microbubbles formed by sonicating a bicompatible liquid comprising a sonicated aqueous protein solution, preferably a 5% solution of human serum albumin, and denaturing the ...

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An ultrasonic imaging agent is formed by subjecting an aqueous protein solution to high frequency sonication while heating the solution sufficiently to denature portions of the protein, thereby forming a dispersion of microbubbles stabilized by denatured protein. In a preferred embodiment, the prote ...

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A microbubble-type ultrasonic imaging agent is provided comprising a parenterally-administerable aqueous medium containing a dispersion of microspheres predominantly of diameters less than 10 microns, wherein the microspheres consist of gas microbubbles encapsulated with water-insolubilized biocompa ...

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An ultrasonic imaging agent is produced by a continuous sonication processing of an aqueous solution of heat-denaturable biocompatible protein. The solution is carefully preheated to a temperature of incipient protein denaturation without forming insolubilized protein. A gaseous fluid, preferably ai ...

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Oligonucleotides modified at their backbones by the attachment of cholesteryl are described. The modified oligonucleotides anchor in the cell membrane to serve as a probe and to provide therapeutic activity.

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A method of sterilizing the surfaces of articles such as medical intruments and other products by exposing such surfaces to hydrogen peroxide gas at temperatures below 80.degree. C. in a temperature range that is generally considered nonsporicidal.