Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate Bob Ware
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A method of preparing an ultra-pure metal amidinate compound comprising using a microchannel device for synthesis in reacting a metal halide solution with a lithium amidinate solution to produce an ultra-pure alkylmetal compound for processes such as chemical vapor deposition.

Abraham Benderly, Michael R Ryan, Donald R Weyler: Transesterification process for production of (meth)acrylate ester monomers. Rohm and Haas Company, Tifani Cottingham, May 5, 2009: US07528278 (4 worldwide citation)

This invention utilizes a mixed salt transesterification catalyst in a transesterification process for the production of esters of alkyl(meth)acrylate monomers.

Michael W Linsen, Edward A Schmitt, Mark Richard Schure: Method and system for analyzing coatings undergoing exposure testing. Rohm and Haas Company, Tifani Cottingham, September 30, 2008: US07430485

A method and system for analyzing a plurality of coatings undergoing exposure testing is disclosed. Included in the system are a data acquisition system and a computer system. The data acquisition system acquires coating identification and attribute data through various input devices, while the comp ...