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A method for collecting data associated with the voice of a voice system user includes conducting a plurality of conversations with a plurality of voice system users. For each conversation, a speech waveform is captured and digitized, and at least one acoustic feature is extracted. The features are ...

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A biometrics security method and apparatus are disclosed that restrict the ability of a user to access a device or facility using a portion of biometric data to validate the user's identity. Upon a user request to access a secure device or facility, the central biometric security system initial ...

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A system and method for obtaining selected image information from a digital image and providing that selected image information for selective handling. In one aspect, the present invention automatically locates and segments an item identifier from an image caught by a digital camera and provides ima ...

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A method and apparatus for selecting at least one transcoding method for manipulating multimedia data for delivery on the basis of analysis of the content of the multimedia data. Many possible transcoding operations can be performed on multimedia data to adapt it to constraints in delivery and displ ...

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Methods and systems for testing speech recognition systems are disclosed in which the speech recognition device to be tested is directly monitored in accordance with a text-to-speech device. The collection of reference texts to be used by the speech recognition device is provided by a text-to-speech ...

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Scheme for the automated apprehension of textual information conveyed in an input string. The input string is segmented to generate segments and/or semantical units. The following steps are repeated for each segment in the input string until a subset for each segment in said input string is identifi ...

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A method, apparatus, and system for automatically configuring a user's portable device, include a module for inferring a current location of the user, and a module for configuring the portable device based on information contained in a configuration of the current location.

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A computerized method is provided for adding a new word to a vocabulary of a speech system, the vocabulary comprising words and corresponding acoustic patterns for a language or language domain. Within a determination step for the new word, a regularity value is determined which measures the conform ...

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Methods and apparatus are provided according to the present invention which guarantee that an Extensible Markup Language (XML) query output conforms to a Document Type Definition (DTD) of the user's choice. The present invention allows for: (i) selection of a DTD; (2) integration of one or more ...

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In a first aspect of the invention, methods and apparatus for providing speech recognition comprise the steps of processing a video signal associated with an arbitrary content video source, processing an audio signal associated with the video signal, and decoding the processed audio signal in conjun ...